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The Korean War: Another Conflict that Served the Illuminati Agenda
Trial by Hollywood — The truth about the Scopes Trial and Inherit the Wind.
False Flag at Sea — The true story of the Lusitania.
Remember the Liberty
A Century of Mainstream Media Lies
Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt’s 9/11
The American Revolution, Part I: The Secrets Buried at Lexington Green. Who really fired “The Shot Heard Round the World”?


Did the Cold War End So that the War on Terror Could Begin?
Making Sense of the Supernatural — Aliens/UFOs, fallen angels, Nephilim, the Flood, the Bible, transhumanism, and the Illuminati. Yes, they all tie together.
The Good Guys Take on the Bad Guys — Watch the global elite getting bitch-slapped.
The War on Christianity, Part 1 — How Modernism was orchestrated to destroy Christianity in the West.
Truth Movement LOLs: A Collection of Humorous Truther Memes & Short Videos


Hillary Clinton Memes, Cartoons and Funny Videos
1948: Harry Truman, the Nakba, and the Mystery of the “Best Picture” Oscar
The American Revolution, Part II: Who Wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Are the Rothschild Elite Banking on the Weather?
The War on Christianity, Part II: The Abomination and Blasphemy of Christian Zionism
Book Review: David J. Dionisi, Atomic Bomb Secrets — Why Nagasaki was bombed.
To 9/11 and Beyond: The Rothschild-Israeli Obsession with Nuclear Weapons


The Unthinkable Has Finally Happened: Russia and America Have Traded Places
Chicks Be Like . . . (A Post for Guys Only) — Apolitical humor.
Revisiting the Vietnam Era: Are Soros and the Deep State Updating an Old PSYOP to Depose Trump?
Vaccination Visuals — A visual-friendly primer on the truth about vaccines.
Trump Is Unmasked: 14 Reasons Why the Syria Airstrikes Were a Really Bad Idea
Whistle-Blowers, not “Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy Theorists” — A compilation of quotes and short video clips of military officers, government officials, bankers, law enforcement agents, newscasters, scholars, and other credible witnesses who have corroborated the alternative media’s views of the NWO.
The War on Truth Is a Lonely Warrior
I Have Joined the Eastern Orthodox Faith


12 Angry Men and the Truth Movement
A Syrian Christian Reveals What Is Really Happening in Syria
The Real Reason There Was a “Golden Age of Television”
James Perloff Interviews Wireless Educator Cece Doucette about the Health Risks of Wi-Fi, the Coming 5G, and What People Can Do to Protect Themselves and Their Communities


The Extraordinary Censorship of It’s a Wonderful Life


Amazon Censors COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled
Would the Deep State Use a Biden Presidency to “Pull a Nelson Rockefeller”?


Eminent Orthodox Christians Speak Out Against Compromising the Faith for COVID Restrictions
Fighting the COVID PSYOP with Ultra Short Video Clips and Graphics


Ukraine: Behind the Wall of Propaganda
Will Psychopaths Control the Future? Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, and the World Economic Forum


“Eat Ze Bugs”—Climate Change and the War Against Humanity
How John D Rockefeller and J P Morgan Colluded in the Panic of 1907
“Hey, Hey, We’re the Beatles” (guest post)