“Hey, Hey, We’re the Beatles”

Guest Post by Patrick O’Carroll NOTE FROM JAMES PERLOFF—When I was a freshman at Colby College (1969-70), a friend in my dorm called me to his room. He had a lot of sound equipment. He played one of the Beatles’ albums backward. You could pretty distinctly hear a voice repeating

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Three Falsehoods My Parents Believed About Me as a Child

Normally I don’t write about myself. For this post I make an exception. I’m sure many of my readers, knowing my relatively advanced age, will wonder what possible pertinence incidents of the 1950s and 1960s could have today. What I’m discussing are events that took place, not just for me

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Announcing James Perloff’s Newest Book

Most of my writing until now has been confined to geopolitics and, for a short period of time, Darwinism’s many flaws. My newest book, Missing Saints, Missing Miracles, contains a little of both, but is primarily a spiritual book, the first I’ve written. So why the shift from geopolitics to

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