Announcing James Perloff’s Newest Book

Most of my writing until now has been confined to geopolitics and, for a short period of time, Darwinism’s many flaws. My newest book, Missing Saints, Missing Miracles, contains a little of both, but is primarily a spiritual book, the first I’ve written. So why the shift from geopolitics to

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Ukraine: Behind the Wall of Propaganda

It happened almost overnight. After two years of COVID dominating the world’s headlines, Ukraine seamlessly took center stage. Like most Americans, I am not an “expert” on Ukraine. But enough information has accumulated to form some conclusions based on a “preponderance of evidence.” The scenario has been depicted in mainstream

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Shadow Banned on Twitter

Censorship is obviously nothing new. YouTube, which might win First Prize in today’s Censorship Sweepstakes, has banned thousands of channels for no other reason than challenging the official narrative on various topics—especially COVID.  My interview with Spiro Skouras was deleted by YouTube in less time than the podcast itself lasted,

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