A History of the New World Order in PowerPoint

On August 31, 2023, I gave a public PowerPoint presentation, extensively covering the history of the New World Order (Deep State), especially here in the U.S. It was intended to “red-pill” the “blue-pilled.” Two videographers taped the event, but, as I explain at the beginning of the video below, highly unusual circumstances caused one tape to be lost; the other camera malfunctioned and failed to record the first half of the presentation (and lost a small section of the second half due to a missing memory card). As you will see, however, I was determined to “resurrect” the event, and did. Please consider sharing this video with anyone who needs to become awake. My thanks to Richard Gage, https://richardgage911.org/ for posting on social media his interview with NYC Fire Dept Captain Richard Patterson about Building 7. An excerpt is included in the video.

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James Perloff

James has been writing for alternative media since 1985 when he began contributing to The New American magazine. He is the author of six books, the subjects of which range from COVID-19 to political history to creationism.

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