Freedom ReturnHaving witnessed how “socially relevant” songs impacted American culture in the sixties, I tried my hand in 2003, but with politically incorrect music. I composed the songs for Freedom Shall Return; they were performed by some real pros at Sang’s Stompmachine studio in Salem, Mass.

I’m not a fan of much of today’s music; most of my favorite tunes were the vivid melodies that peaked from about 1964 to 1970, such as (just for an example) this little gem by the Seekers.

Recently I have discovered Jean-Pax Mefret, who has proven that great music can be politically incorrect, as in his songs Dien Bien Phu (you may have to turn on YouTube’s subtitles) and Budapest (no subtitles, but they aren’t needed).

Musical tastes vary greatly. Some people really do like my songs, some really don’t. For the some who do, they can be clicked below.  The original CD album is no longer available through Amazon. Please contact me directly if you’d like a copy.

Listen to tracks from Freedom Shall Return: