Speaking & Talk Shows

James has given scores of talks for civic groups, patriotic organizations, schools and churches. Most of his lectures have been on the subjects of his books (the drive for world government, and creation vs. evolution), but can be tailored to any need. There are lots of visuals and humor (after all, who wants to just hear a talking head give a discourse?). Contact James if you would like him to speak to your group.

James has been a featured guest on over 100 different radio and TV programs. If there’s a favorite show you’d like to hear him on, contact the program’s host or producer and request James as a guest. Contact James if you’d like to invite him as a guest on your show.

Shows that he has appeared on since 2014:

Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith
The Power Hour with Joyce Riley
Deanna Spingola
Truth Jihad Radio with Kevin Barrett
Dr. Katherine Albrecht
The Corbett Report with James Corbett
Lorrie’s Talk News Radio with Lorrie Berkebile
What Really Happened with Michael Rivero
Erskine Overnight with Erskine
The Free American with Clay Douglas
The Sage of Quay Radio Hour with Mike Williams
Outcast Radio with Don Campbell
Breaking the Oathbreakers with Ted Jotte and Paul Rogers
Liberty Talk Radio with Joe Cristiano
Joshua Blakeney
Truth Frequency Radio with Chris and Sheree Geo
The Ripple Effect with Ricky Varandas
News Stalker with Bob Green and Erich Headrick
Red Pill Reports with JD Moore
Organic News with Catherine Watters
Restore the Republic with Kevin Blake
Turning Hard Times into Good Times with Jay Taylor
Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells
The Bob Tuskin Show
Freaky Friday
with “the Woo Crew”
The Kev Baker Show
Real Politik
with Dr. James F. Tracy
The Richie Allen Show
Declare Your Independence
with Ernest Hancock
Our Interesting Times with Timothy Kelly
The Crypto Show with Chris and Danny
Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen
108morris108 with Herman Morris
Down the Rabbit Hole with Popeye
Covert Report with Susan Lindauer
The Naked Truth with Enoch Moore and Ben McClintock
Battle of New Orleans with Nathan Laurenson
The Real Deal with Dr. Jim Fetzer
Freeman TV with Freeman
The Russell Scott Show
Leak Project
with Rex Bear
Power of Prophecy
with Texe Marrs
SGT Report with Sean
The Truth Traveler with Erin Dakins
The Edge with Daniel Ott
Radio Free Blood with Jack Blood
New World Odor Report with Matt Navarro
X22 Report Spotlight with Dave
Enter the Buzzsaw with Sean Stone
Black Tower Radio with Jake Fox
The Mind Renewed with Julian Charles
Earth Live with Doctor Drake and Doctor Truth
We the Vigilant with Benjamin Knight
The Hagmann and Hagmann Report
TradCatNight with Eric
Global Storyline with Dean Arnold
Demand the Truth with Will Turbitt
Shadow Citizen with Rachael McIntosh and Rob Ossell
Truth Be Told with Tony Sweet and Captain Ron
Kate Dalley Radio with Kate Dalley
Jim Duke Perspective with Jim Duke
Lords of Consciousness with Clint Culbertson
Inside the Eye with “The Fetch”
Shell Games with Scott Bennett and Michael-jay Anderson
The Conscious Mindset with Brother Evans
The Porkchop Report with Ken
Unirock with Jason
The Ian Trottier Show
Resurrect the Republic
with Eric Hughes
Saturday Night Trad with Jesse Russell
Don’t Tread on Anyone with Keith Knight
The Meat and Potatoes Show with Christopher Maider
Canary Cry Radio with Gonz and Basil
Midnight Writer News with S.T. Patrick
The American Awakening with Michael Herzog
Proud to be Profane with Michael Joseph
The Antedote with Greg and Jeremy
The Interview Dude with Don
Uncompromised Talk with Ron Renaud
The Intelligence Assessment with Kevin Shipp and Jason Goodman
Crowdsourcing the Truth with Jason Goodman
The Sharpening Report with Sam Johnston
Dustin Nemos podcast
Stop the Presses with Mark Anderson
End of Days with Michael Decon|
Call to Decision with Pastor Butch Paugh
One Radio Network with Patrick Timpone
Wise Wolf Gold and Silver Report and Arterburn Radio Transmission with Tony Arterburn
Oikos Catholic with Jesse Russell
Israeli News Live with Steven and Jana Ben-Nun
The Graham Hart Show with Brizer
Sword of the Spirit with Ben the Baptist
The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges
Michael Witcoff podcast
One Radio Network with Patrick Timpone
Andy Adds podcast
Conscious Mindset with Sedrick Jones
Charles Moscowitz podcast
How to Kill a Sacred Cow with Jay Henehan
Making Sense of the Madness with John Michael Chambers
The Prefect Triangle with Guiseppe and Scorpio
The Michael Sisco Show
Framing the World with Paul Wittenberger
Unraveling the Narrative with Sean Jackson
Spiro Skouras podcast
FedExMeYourDrugs with Rob
Maryam Heinen podcast
Erin McDermott podcast
Rogue Ways with Lindsey
Raconteurs Report with Taylor
Conspiracy Castle
The Naturally Inspired Podcast with Tammy Garcia
George Michalopolous podcast
Uni Blacksister with Taylor
The Ochelli Effect with Chuck Ochellli
The Anomic Age with John Age
Tony Gosling podcast
Patrick Coffin podcast
Piercing the Veil with Patrick
Cream City Catholic with Jake
Hrvoje Morić Podcast
Don’t Tread on Anyone with Keith Knight
Morningstar Journal News
The Two Mikes Podcast
Dissident Mama with Rebecca Dillingham
The Tim Moss Show
James Delingpole podcast
Immunize Wizely with Ingri Cassell
The Berm Pit with Mike Wakulik
Awake TV with David Zublick and Penny L.A. Shepard
Daniel Natal Podcast
In the Trenches with Jeremy Nell
Donald Jeffries Podcast