Fighting the COVID PSYOP with Ultra Short Video Clips and Graphics

The End-of-Autumn 2021 Update

As many of my readers know, in August 2020 I published COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled, which has sold over 10,000 copies in paperback despite an Amazon ban (the book is still available from other major sellers). I have also given away thousands of free digital versions. On this website, I have an updates page with chronological breaking COVID news through July 2021. In July, to break the monotony of textual information overload, I published “Covid Visuals,” consisting of graphics and very short click-and-play videos. However, due to the large overall video content, a small number of people (not most) found the post slow to upload and the videos hard to play. This depended a lot on people’s devices and Internet connections.

It’s now December 2021 and there has been so much breaking news about COVID that it’s time for another update. I want to keep things highly visual. However, there are too many short videos for me to upload them all in a post with the expectation that they will be playable for most viewers. Instead, I have grouped them into categories, and provided external links to the videos, almost all of which (with very rare exceptions) are 2 minutes or less. As “teasers,” I have provided screenshots from each video, accompanied by descriptions of the video you will find below the images.  However, you will not be able to access the videos by clicking on the images. Instead, you will need to click on the word “link” (mostly taking you to Twitter) within the accompanying description. Lengths of videos are listed within descriptions, rounded off to the nearest minute, except for videos under 30 seconds.

With one exception, descriptions are chronological within categories. Bear in mind that, due to increasing censorship, some of these links will predictably cease working in the future. I will attempt to correct these as possible. Many additional facts and commentaries—about deaths and injuries from COVID vaccines, lockdown effects, masks, social distancing, tampering with COVID death and case numbers, contact tracing, hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Bill Gates, “the Great Reset,” and so much more can be found in my book and earlier articles, as noted above. This post is not intended to be address everything pertaining to COVID—only the latest breaking news items from about the last four months.

Vaccine Tragedies/Victims Speak Out

Link. Passed away September 7.

30-year-old Dominique De Silva describes her severe neurological problems after Pfizer vaccine. Link takes you to article. Posted September 8.

Woman describes her husband’s rapid death following COVID vaccination. 2 minutes. Link. Posted September 13.

Medical student John Foley, 21, dead one day after the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Link. Posted September 14.

Boy relates that his little sister died after her first dose of COVID vaccine. Contains (understandable) swear words. 1 minute. Link. Posted September 14.

Powerful: Firefighter speaks out against vaccination mandate. He has lost three friends to the vaccine (mentioned at the end, not the same as the three firefighters who he says committed suicide). 2 minutes. Link. Posted September 18.

A healthy young weightlifter from the U.S. military becomes another victim of the vaccine mandate. 2 minutes. Link. Posted September 25.

Tennis pro Jeremy Chardy says his “season is over” after a series of health problems following the COVID vaccine. Link. Tweet links to a full article posted September 28.

Fully Vaxxed Former CNN contributor suffers heart attack and is hospitalized with blood clots. Link leads to full article. [Both] posted September 30.

This woman describes her father suffering life-threatening blood clots after the jab. 1 minute. Link. Posted October 1.

Imogen Allen: a healthy, athletic young woman—until the Moderna shot. 1 minute. Link. Posted October 2.

Nurse who was once pro-vax suffering neurological problems after Pfizer shot. In two parts totaling 3 minutes. Link. Posted October 9.

After COVID vaccination, athletic young man is diagnosed with pericarditis and his girlfriend with myocarditis. 2 minutes. Link. Posted October 20.

Link for image. Posted October 22.

Cicera Santos, a young Brazilian, had her leg amputated due to thrombosis following the Pfizer vaccine. 1 minute. Link. Posted October 23.


More on Australian teenager Cienna Knowles, in hospital with blood clots due to Pfizer vaccine. 2 minutes. Link. Posted October 24.

Series of images reporting heart attacks, sudden death among teens. 1 minute. Link. Posted October 29.

Ernest Ramirez tells of the death of his 16-year-old son after the Pfizer vaccine. “My government lied to me. They said it was safe.” 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 2.

31-year flight attendant Lisa Williams took the vaccine under duress from her employer; says it was “the single worst decision of my life.” 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 8.

Ben Swann reports on the dozens of athletes dying suddenly from cardiac arrest. 6 minutes. Link. Posted November 9.

“Pro-vaccine journey.” Mother who was pro-vax describes ordeal after her 14-year-old son developed myocarditis after his second Pfizer shot. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 13.

Inquest confirms that death of BBC radio presenter Lisa Shaw was caused by AstraZeneca vaccine. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 15.

Mother speaks out about her 18-year-old daughter injured by the Pfizer vaccine. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 23.

Woman describes arm being paralyzed, her sister being blinded, after jabs. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 26.

Danielle Turner, 44, of Australia, 24 hours after taking the first Pfizer shot. 30 seconds. Link. Posted November 26.

Mother describes her daughter’s neurological impairment following Pfizer vaccine. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 27.

Multiple COVID vaccine victims speak out. 2 minutes. Link. Posted December 3.

Probe launched as 21 babies in Scotland dead in a month. Link. Well, link is already suspended. Here’s another posted November 21.

Link. Posted December 6. Well, this account is already suspended too. I’m just leaving this here.

Canadian girl now in wheelchair after Pfizer shot. 1 minute. Link. Posted December 13.

No, it’s not “Just a Few Individuals.” Here Are Vaccine Side Effects by the Numbers—Charts and Graphs.

Above: Latest VAERS (adverse event) data on COVID vaccines. 1 minute. Link. Posted December 18. Bear in mind that only a small number of VAERS events are actually reported by doctors, many of whom do not know the reporting system even exists.  For those who have time, see this one-hour interview with physician’s assistant Deborah Conrad, who was discharged by her hospital for reporting reactions to COVID vaccines.

Source for image. Posted September 13.

Chart-filled video shows dramatic spikes in COVID death AFTER vaccination began, in multiple countries. 2 minutes. Link. Posted September 28. Many countries. 2 minutes. Link. Posted September 28.

in other words, why do we need a mandated vaccine? Link. Posted October 13.

Seen at:

Since July there has been a 10k increase in excess non-COVID deaths, most of these are heart attacks and strokes. 30% increase in deaths at home.–Dr. Aseem Malhotra. 4 minutes. Link. Posted November 25.

Link to original December 9 article listing all deaths/collapses individually.

Ineffectiveness of COVID Vaccines

Dr. Lindsay’s bio can be seen here. Link posted September 18.

Link posted October 20.

Germany’s COVID cases spike despite mask mandates and vaccine passport requirements. Link. Posted November 14.

Source for graphic:  Posted November 17.

On October 1, the New York Times said “there is virtually no one left to vaccinate” in Portugal; then Portugal went into lockdown measures in November as COVID cases spiked.  Link.  Tweet posted November 26.

97 fully vaccinated partygoers at a Taylor Swift album event have contracted COVID. Link. Posted December 16.

Scientists, Doctors, and Health Care Officials Oppose the COVID Vaccines and Mandates

New Zealand medical doctor Alison Goodwin discusses the importance of healthy lifestyles in resisting COVID, and takes the media to task for never questioning the official narrative.  1 minute. Link. Posted July 27.

Dr. Daniel Stock of Indiana explains why vaccines will never make COVID go away. A little longer at 6 minutes, but well worth a listen. Link. Posted August 9.

The eminent cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough makes five points debunking the COVID narrative, calls the vaccines “unsafe and unfit for human use.” 2 minutes. Link. Posted August 27.

Viral immunologist Dr. Jessica Rose, using charts and graphs, shows FDA committee the evidence that COVID vaccine risks outweigh the benefits, especially for children, and questions if the vaccines are creating the new “variants.” 2 minutes. Link. Posted September 17.

Dr. Carrie Madej, MD,  explains how COVID vaccine ingredients could lead to transhumanism and digital surveillance. 2-minute clip from a longer interview uploaded on September 29. Link.


This doctor, who has been seeing COVID vaccine injuries, asks some insightful questions. 2 minutes. Link. Posted October 1.

Retired California RN asks essential question about forced COVID vaccinations. Just 15 seconds. Link. Posted October 6.

Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s Surgeon General, reports that there is no scientific data that supports the masking of children.  2 minutes. Link. Posted October 20.

Dr. Moehanid Talia discusses his success in treating patients with Ivermectin, and the stonewalling he encountered at his hospital. 2 minutes. Link. Posted October 21.

Dr. Rochagné Kilian discovered a connection between the COVID vaccines and the sharp rise in blood clotting disorders she saw as an ER physician. For going public, her license to practice medicine was suspended. Link will take you her 9-minute video on Rumble. Posted October 29.

Although this clip is introduced by Alex Jones (who many dislike), listen to what cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough is warning concerning the vaccines. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 7.

Registered nurse speaks out on what she’s seeing in her hospital: huge increase in COVID cases after vaccines began, many coming in with vaccine-produced illnesses. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 16.

Dr. Daniel Nagase discusses the spike in stillbirths seen in Canada, all with women who were fully vaccinated. 1 minute. Link. Posted November 23.

New Zealand nurse says her hospital is filled with vaccine-injured patients, especially ones with cardiac symptoms. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 23.

Dr. Angelique Coetzee, Head of South Africa’s Medical Association, the doctor who discovered the Omicron Variant, says that the variant is mild and no one in South Africa has been hospitalized from it. 1 minute. Link. Posted November 28.


British funeral director discusses the huge upsurge in death from clotting disorders he has seen since the vaccination program began.  2 minutes. Link. Posted December 6.

Claim: Slovenian nurse alleges some COVID vaccines are placebos. Link. Posted December 16.

Lockdowns and Martial Law

Australian nursing student is assaulted by police in a park. She pleads for the government to “stop this madness.” 2 minutes. Link. Posted September 19.

Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews says vaccine passports will become “booster passports” to show you’ve had your boosters. 20 seconds. Link. Posted September 24.

Footage from Lithuania, where people are unable to enter supermarkets and other public places without proof of vaccination. 1 minute. Link. Posted September 26.

Dr. Christopher Rake is escorted out of UCLA Santa Monica, where he worked, for refusing to take the COVID vaccine. 1 minute. Link. Posted October 5.

88-year-old man, who lived under fascism and then communism for many years, says he has now less freedom in Canada. 1 minute. Link. Posted October 9.

Australia’s Northern Territory imposes the strictest vaccine mandate in the world. Those who don’t comply by Nov. 13 will be fined $5,000. 2 minutes. Link. Posted October 13.

Elderly woman in Italy is refused access to medical treatment because she doesn’t have “vaccine passport.” 1 minute. Link. Posted October 19.

Child is denied medical treatment due to his not being COVID-vaccinated. 1 minute. Link. Posted October 20.

Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of Queensland, Australia, says the “unvaccinated” may be sent to quarantine camps. 2 minutes. Link. Posted October 21.

Nurse is escorted from her job for not being vaccinated. 1 minute. Link. Posted October 30.

Preschool children in China lining up with vaccination QRS codes hanging on their chests. 13 seconds. Link. Posted November 7.

Health care worker Louise Akester forced to leave the patients she loved due to vaccine mandate. 1 minute. Link. Posted November 8.

Macron announces that people in France over 65 must have a third shot in order to keep their “health pass” active. Link. Posted November 10.

Australian takes us past double-fenced “quarantine camp” in Brisbane. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 13.

Canadian war veteran Bryan Marr is denied service at a restaurant on Remembrance Day (Canada’s version of Veterans Day) because he is not vaccinated. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 13.

Teacher, who would not take COVID vaccine, tearfully leaves school where she had taught for nearly 35 years. 1 minute. Link. Posted November 18.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Victoria’s quarantine camps “will be used for a new class of lepers—the unvaccinated.” Posted November 22.

Australian woman reports on the military force-vaccinating aboriginal people in the northern territories of the country, and Australia’s descent into martial law. 2 minutes. Link.  Posted November 22.

In a rare moment of candor (for mainstream media) Lee Jones explains how the Nuremburg Code and people’s rights to informed consent are being violated. 2 minutes. Link. Originally posted November 22.

Australian official announces transfer of COVID-positive cases and “close contacts” to quarantine facilities. 1 minute. Link. Posted November 22.

Mount Sinai Long Beach Hospital (New York) fired 72 healthcare staff due to vaccine mandate, and then closed its ER due to staff shortage. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 24.

Three Australian teenagers escaped an Australian quarantine facility. Captured by police, they face fines of $5,000 each. All three tested negative for COVID. 1 minute. Link. Posted December 1.

COVID-free Australian woman recounts her ordeal of being taken from her home by police and sent to a quarantine camp simply because she had been in contact with someone who tested COVID-positive. 1 minute. Link. Posted December 2,

Hidden camera footage shows what’s happening in Australia’s quarantine camps. $5,000 fine for stepping over a yellow line. 1 minute. Link. Posted December 3.

Unvaccinated Queenslanders to be denied access to life-saving surgery.  19 seconds. Link. Posted December 6.

Multiple people arrested in New York City for trying to eat at Applebee’s without a vaccine pass. 23 seconds. Link. Posted December 16.

Government Officials Speak Out Against the Mandates

Spanish Supreme Court rules vaccine passports illegal for bars and restaurants. Link includes link to full article. Posted September 9.

Congressman Paul Gosar comments on hospital’s failure to adequately report injuries caused by COVID vaccines to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). 1 minute. Link. Posted September 23.

United States Senator (Wisconsin) Ron Johnson shows that, based on government data, 63% of COVID deaths in the UK, over a 7.5 month period, were of the fully vaccinated. 3 minutes. Link. Posted September 30.

Clive Palmer, former member of the Australian Parliament, explains why he will not get the COVID vaccine and why people’s freedom of choice in this matter is essential. 2 minutes. Link. Posted October 10.

Congressman Mo Brooks says federal vaccine mandates are unconstitutional. 2 minutes. Link. Posted October 17.

Texas State Senator Bob Hall discusses the iniquity of COVID vaccine mandates, when neither the manufacturers nor the government nor employers will take any responsibility for those injured or killed by the vaccines. 2 minutes. Link. Posted October 17.

Christine Anderson of the European Parliament speaks out against mandatory COVID vaccination. 2 minutes. Link. Posted October 29.

George Christensenof the Australian Parliament speaks out against the tyranny now happening in his country. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 24.

U.S. Congresswoman Mary Miller: “Natural immunity is completely ignored because natural immunity doesn’t have a lobbyist in DC.” 1 minute. Link. Posted November 27.

BELGIUM: A court in Wallonia has ruled that use of a COVID pass is illegal and has ordered the local government to pay a daily fine of €5,000 ($5,658) until they withdraw the measure. Link. Posted December 2.

Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia on the dangers of vaccines. 28 seconds. Link. Posted December 5.

Civil and Religious Leaders Speak out against the Mandates

An airline pilot opposing vaccine mandates. 2 minutes. Link. Posted October 25.

Andrew Ansbro, President of the Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York, explains why so many of his firefighters are rejecting the vaccine mandate.
1 minute. Link. Posted October 28.

Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, Brigade Surgeon for the 1st Aviation Brigade, Ft. Rucker, Alabama, U.S. Army, testifies that she had to ground three out of three pilots due to vaccine injuries. 1 minute. Link. Posted November 2.

The CEO of the American Trucking Association tells congressman that 37% of the association’s drivers say “hell no” to Biden’s vaccine mandate. Imagine the impact on the supply chain problem if enforced. 1 minute. Originally posted November 17. Link.

Orthodox Serbian Bishop speaks out against the global attack on freedom and digital imprisonment. 2 minutes. Link. Posted December 15. See also my post “Eminent Orthodox Christians Speak Out Against Compromising the Faith for COVID Restrictions.”

Vicar’s wife speaks the truth on COVID, funerals and the vaccines. 2 minutes. Link. Posted December 18.

The People Protest

German attorney Reiner Fuellmich gives a rousing speech to British protestors. 10 minutes, but worth a listen. Link. Posted July 24.

Charlotte, North Carolina doctors and nurses protest against facing a choice between forced vaccination and losing their jobs. 1 minute. Link.Posted August 2

.Massive British protest. 22 seconds. Link. Posted September 25.

Huge crowd of protesters in Alberta, Canada, shout “Just say ‘no!’” 20 seconds. Link. Posted September 30

Belgium: huge protest against vaccine mandates. 28 seconds. Link. Posted November 2.

Huge Australian rally against lockdown.  2 minutes. Link. Posted November 8.

Scenes from around the world from many countries, as millions protest vaccine passports. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 15.

Austrians protest lockdown. 1 minute. Link. Posted November 17.

Massive demonstration in Perth. 20 seconds. Link. Posted November 20.

Thousands protest in Rome at night against vaccine passports, COVID restrictions. 18 seconds. Link. Posted November 22.

An Aussie speaks up about the need to fight tyranny.  1 minute. Link. Posted November 23.

Incredible protest in little Guadeloupe against vaccine mandates.  2 minutes. Link. Posted November 27.

Massive protest in Tbilisi, country of Georgia, against vaccine passports. 14 seconds. Link. Posted November 28.

Huge crowd of protesters shout “Tell the truth!” outside Parliament in Perth, Australia. 22 seconds. Link. Posted November 30.

Gigantic protest in Belgium against vaccine passports. 1 minute. Link. Posted December 5.

In Thessaloniki Greece, citizens outside municipal hall singing against COVID segregation. 22 seconds. Link. Posted December 6.

Time lapse photography helps show extent of December 12 Paris protest. Link. 24 seconds. 1 minute.

Absurd/Corrupt Government Officials and Media


Registered nurse points out key errors strongly suggesting that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie received fake COVID vaccine injections. 4 minutes. Link. Posted September 16.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Spiro Skouras demonstrates that several members of the FDA panel that approved the Pfizer vaccine for children have ties to Pfizer. 1 minute. Link. Posted October 29.

Boris Johnson et al.: Masks only on for a photo session. 8 seconds. Link. Posted October 29.

CNN’s Don Lemon—who criticized Florida and people who don’t wear masks—seen poolside in Florida with no mask on. 1 minute. Link. Posted November 1.

Biden THEN and Biden NOW on vaccine mandates—complete flip. 1 minute . Link. Posted November 5.

Has California Governor Gavin Newsom “gone missing” after his booster? Link. Posted November 8.

In a 2-minute video, Dr. Fauci is shown repeatedly contradicting himself. Link. Posted November 21.

Watch video of Joe Biden, Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky contradicting themselves on the efficacy of the COVID vaccines. 1 minute. Link. Posted November 28.

Dr. Scott Atlas, who was part of the White House COVID Task force, cites the shocking lack of scientific data provided by doctors Fauci, Birx and Redfield at their meetings. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 18.

(An all-too-typical) photo of unmasked Boris Johnson taken late November 2021. Link.


Masks and Social Distancing

6 feet social distancing rule was completely made up, says former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. Link. Posted September 21.  Original Tweet

Billions of discarded face masks creating an environmental catastrophe. Link. Posted September 30.

Viral Immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle, PhD, debunks the narrative that masks protect people from COVID, as he indisputably shows aerosols penetrating 5 surgical masks. 2 minutes. Link. Posted December 10.

Southwest Airlines CEO on masks on airplanes being essentially useless. 1 minute. Link. Posted December 16.


Jodi O’Malley, HHS whistleblower on the COVID vaccines, reports that she has been placed on administrative leave. 2 minutes. Link. Posted September 30.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks out against big tech censorship (he was censored himself on Instagram) and the transfer of wealth to billionaires who have profited from the “pandemic.” 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 14.

Woman discusses how she shared the story of her husband’s post-vaccine myocarditis on TikTok, and it was censored. Link. 1 minute. Posted November 20. Looks like she’s been censored again.

What Might Be Next?


Bill Gates warns of smallpox terror attack.  1 minute. Link. Posted November 18.

Posted November 17. Seen at:

Rare Candor Seen in Mainstream Media

News from Taiwan: More people are dying from COVID vaccines than from COVID.  1 minute. Link. Originally posted October 13.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation forced to apologize for using a fake hospital setting and mannequins posing as patients for a broadcast on the COVID-19 pandemic. Link. Posted October 17.

Former mainstream TV newscaster Alison Morrow, who was fired from her job for privately posting content about COVID, discusses censorship. The Tweet linked here leads to a 14-minute video, but it is well worth a watch. Link. Posted October 27.

On Sky News (mainstream media), the World Economic Forum and “The Great Reset” are exposed for what they are. 1 minute. Link. Posted November 21.

Mainstream news channel reports that a school in LA gave students the vaccine without their parents’ permission after they bribed the students with pizza. 1 minute. Link. Posted December 7.

Mainstream media admitting vaccination not stopping spread of COVID. 2 minutes. Link. Posted December 14.

More Music Videos

(For other examples of propaganda music videos, scroll down on my previous post “Covid Visuals.”)

“Vax-Scene.” Vaccine propaganda goes full tilt as Stephen Colbert romps with dancing syringes. 1 minute. Link. Posted September 28.

Take the jab and everything goes back to normal. Really? Did they?  1 minute. Link. Posted December 2.


From 2009: Department of Justice officials announce the largest criminal healthcare fraud settlement in history—against Pfizer. 2 minutes. Link. Posted October 27.

From 2012: Comedian Rob Schneider talks vaccine reality. 2 minutes. Link.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tells James Corbett that “this is the final battle.” 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 20.

NFL Super Bowl Champion and MVP Quarterback Aaron Rodgers asks some fundamental questions about the vaccine. 41 seconds. Link. Posted November 6.

Man has an innovative concept concerning employers who mandate vaccinations. 2 minutes. Link. Posted November 13.

Link. Posted November 22.

Bill Gates says “We need a new way of doing the vaccines.” Says vaccines can be “just a little patch you put on the arm.” Can anyone say “mark of the beast”?  24 seconds. Link. Posted December 5.

Mark Zuckerberg talks about the unknown risks of altering human DNA in order to create antibodies. 30 seconds. Link. Posted December 11.

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