Informative Links

I have divided sites by general category, though they often overlap. I’m sure I’ve left off some great links; the list is not intended to be comprehensive. Also, I know most of these sites have their critics—but who doesn’t?


Henry Makow
Dr. Makow has keen understanding of politics, morals, and humor, and I am honored to have contributed to his website.

The Corbett Report
Using diverse media forms, and networking with many other investigators, James Corbett provides cerebral, top-notch analysis of relevant issues in world affairs. Rapidly emerged as a leader in alternative media.

SGT Report
Called “the antithesis of mockingbird media mainstream ‘news,’” SGT Report provides the latest breaking news and information from trusted alternative media sources, as well as exclusive original content. Its YouTube Channel was censored in October 2020 despite 625,000 subscribers. Now has a Bitchute channel with a rapidly growing following.

Power of Prophecy
Website and organization of the late Texe Marrs—who had an outstanding  grasp of the issues. Power of Prophecy still has a weekly radio show, and its online store is packed with great resources.

Global Research
Use its “search” function to comb through this virtual encyclopedia of information relevant to today’s world, in multiple languages.

Project Veritas
Premier journalistic organization that conducts undercover investigations and also serves as a voice for whistleblowers

Israeli News Live 
Steven and Jana Ben-Nun are intelligent, compassionate, well-educated Christians who provide great insights into Scripture, world events, the End Times, and the dangers of Zionism.

Richie Allen
Premier radio host of UK alt media, always with great guests. A true fighting Irishman.

Truthstream Media
Outstanding, insightful and entertaining videos from one of alt media’s best husband-and-wife teams, Aaron and Melissa Dykes. More than half a million subscribers.

The Last American Vagabond
Cutting-edge views and news from a group of young, well-informed journalists.

Blackstone Intelligence
YouTube channel of Jake Morphonios. Informative on current geopolitical events, with an emphasis on the Middle East.

Know More News
Adam Green has keen and very up-to-date insights on what’s happening in the world, with a special focus on Zionism. His YouTube channel was banned in 2020.

Brother Nathanael
Born and raised Jewish, now an Orthodox Christian, Brother Nathanael produces many short articles and videos that are both insightful and humorous. One could get a real education in geopolitics from his popular YouTube Channel. That channel was banned, but the videos are preserved at — Brother Nathanael’s Amazing Videos!

The John Birch Society
The John Birch Society knew there was a conspiracy back when few people had heard that term in a government context.

The New American
I wrote for this journal from 1985 to 2012.

Deanna Spignola
Deanna is one of the most informed radio show hosts in America. Her three-volume series, The Ruling Elite, is an encyclopedic reference that should be on the bookshelf of anyone interested in history.

The Power Hour
The late Joyce Riley was one of the leading ladies of alternative media and American talk radio. The show carries on, usually hosted by Dan Brigman.

Caravan to Midnight
Website for John B. Wells, the well-informed, well-spoken host of Caravan to Midnight. I have been honored to be John’s guest on his subscriber-supported show several times.

What Really Happened
Not only does Michael Rivero’s website comprehensively post breaking news, it provides insights that decipher the MSM headlines.

Investigates the New World Order from a traditional Catholic perspective. Has a popular subscriber-based podcast.

Educate Yourself
Ken Adachi’s website has a wealth of information.  I am especially grateful that he has preserved so much material from the late Ted Gunderson of the FBI.

Truth Jihad Radio
Dr. Kevin Barrett keeps you up-to-date on the issues, often with a special focus on false flags.

Our Interesting Times
Tim Kelly is one of the best-informed podcast hosts out there: I always learn something new when I’m his guest.

Framing the World
Website and online store of filmmaker Paul Wittenberger, who has made many movies, including What in the World Are They Spraying? and Marching to Zion.

Stop the Crime
Another very informative truther site; a lot of serous warnings about hi-tech depopulation programs.

Freedom Force International
Website of the venerable G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island and host of the Red Pill Expos.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
An economist with impeccable credentials, Dr. Roberts was once Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy. Along with other issues, he gives great analysis of what the banksters are doing in the markets.

“Where the esoteric meets the political.” Website of Freeman Fly, a pioneer and innovator in the Truth Movement.

Vast compendium of geopolitical and health information

David Icke
Controversial but outspoken opponent of the New World Order.

Info Wars
Though vociferous Alex Jones has good number of critics within alt media, I have seen some informative reports from his organization.


The End Game
YouTube channel of Spiro Skouras, one of the leading investigators into the COVID crisis.

Children’s Health Defense
Website of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., nephew of President John F. Kennedy.

Facts about COVID-19
A website regularly updated by Swiss Policy Research.

The HighWire
Del Bigtree, a brilliant spokesperson and a great interviewer.

Dr. Rashid Buttar
In addition to his website, he has a YouTube channel

Dr. Dolores Cahill
This eminent PhD immunologist (credentials here) is one of the most outspoken critics of the official COVID narrative.

Lockdown TV
Hosted by Freddie Sayers, the UnHerd channel has interviewed many prominent scientists concerning the disastrous, unjustified lockdowns.

Vernon Coleman
YouTube channel for a venerable “elder statesman” of UK physicians.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Dr. Tenpenny has a distinguished medical background and is of the nation’s most informed critics of vaccines and the COVID narrative.

No More Fake News
Jon Rappoport’s investigative blog provides some outstanding insights into current events—the most current, of course, being COVID.

Pam Popper
A well-known advocate of health through nutrition, she has also helped bring clarity to the COVID situation.


My Incredible Opinion

Hear This Well


Understanding EMFs
Cece Doucette’s comprehensive repository of information regarding the hazards of wireless technology (Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, 5G, etc.).

Cellular Phone Task Force
Website of the cerebral Arthur Firstenberg (author of The Invisible Rainbow).

5G Crisis
A site opposing 5G that keeps you up-to-date on the latest news and actions for activists.



Institute for Creation Research

Answers in Genesis

Creation Research Society

Creation Today

Kent Hovind website  YouTube channel

SITES SPECIALIZING IN 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT (far too many to list here)

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Their name is self-explanatory.

Patriots Question 9/11
Quotes from many hundreds of scholars, pilots, military and intel personnel.

Christopher Bollyn
Christopher is an outstanding investigative journalist and public speaker who specializes in 9/11.

9/11 Blogger

9/11 Truth


Republic Broadcasting Network
Features a large array of alt media broadcast hosts, including my friend Deanna Spingola.

Truth Frequency Radio
Talk show hosts Chris and Sheree Geo founded this alt-media radio network with a great many hosts. Often slanted toward the occult.

Revolution Radio
I have been a guest several times on this network, with hosts divided into “Studio A” and “Studio B.”



OnFireForGod.Today Christian Web Design
Designers of this website. (They don’t work only with Christians.) Christian Web Design is very familiar with the latest technologies available, and are experts at problem-solving challenging situations.

Free Mind Films
Producers of a Noble Lie, a definitive film on the Oklahoma City bombing, and State of Mind: The Psychology of Control.  I scripted Free Mind Film’s third  documentary, ShadowRing, released in 2015.

Camp Constitution
A great one-week annual summer camp for kids and families that combines fun activities with “politically incorrect” classes in history and civics, rooted in traditional American and Christian values. Also has year-round activities and a podcast.

Orthodox Ethos
An Orthodox Christian teaching site that understands what is going on with the COVID crisis and does not compromise faith with modernism. Also has a YouTube channel.

Kingdom Above Ministry
An organic Christian ministry in Uganda that helps church-building, orphans and widows. I donated to this ministry after my communications with them persuaded me of their sincerity. If you’re looking to fulfill God’s bidding to help the poor, this is a place to consider.

Geoengineering Watch
As weather modification increasingly appears to be a “weapon of choice” for depopulating the planet, more people are turning to this website with its wealth of information.

Rachael L. McIntosh
Dynamic novelist who understands realpolitik, based on personal experience in the defense industry.

Doctor Rylie
Pseudonym of retired, red-pilled veterinarian who wrote a best-selling novel that remarkably predicted the COVID plandemic.

Omni Christian Book Club
Has a very large collection of insightful books for sale, including many rare titles.

Project Probe
Barbados is one of the most Christian nations on Earth. Years ago I was honored to speak there at the invitation of Project Probe, a Christian ministry with great discernment concerning today’s issues.

Your Complete Health Now
Blog of my friend Jay Ricci, who is devoted to helping people attain both spiritual and physical health.

Website of Japan’s Remnant Publishing, whose president is Reverend Arimasa Kubo. Insights into Biblical concepts, as well as an alternative take on the “Nanjing massacre.”

Who Is Israel?
An outstanding book by Pastor Matt Furse debunking Christian Zionism.