COVID Book Updates

COVID in the News Since Book Publication

These are updates to my book COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled, published on August 20, 2020.

April 30, 2020. In a story that I had originally missed, the UK’s Daily Mail reported: “Experts cannot find a single child under 10 who has passed on coronavirus to an adult despite huge trawl of data.”

August 26. 61-page document, available as PDF, signed by hundreds and hundreds of health professionals from across the world, denounces the many falsehoods of the COVID plandemic and calls for a complete end to the lockdown.

August 29. The New York Times stated:

Some of the nation’s leading public health experts are raising a new concern in the endless debate over coronavirus testing in the United States: The standard tests are diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus. . . . The number of people with positive [PCR] results who aren’t infectious is particularly concerning, said Scott Becker, executive director of the Association of Public Health Laboratories.

September 2. Britain’s The Sun reported that the odds of dying from coronavirus in the UK were now in two million.

September 7: Reports from Irish health authorities revealed that the total number of deaths from COVID in Ireland, of people without underlying conditions, were just 100, or 0.002 percent of the population.

September 14, 2020. A federal Court ruled that Pennsylvania’s lockdown order was unconstitutional.

September 16. 1,400 Belgian doctors and health care professionals signed an open letter calling for an immediate end to lockdown, stating “There is no longer any medical justification for this policy. . . .   There is no state of emergency.”

September 28. Dr. Mike Yeadeon, former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer, said “the pandemic is fundamentally over,” and remarked of the PCR test that “more than half of the positives are likely to be false, potentially all of them.”

September 2020. The Economic Standard published a 30-page white paper summarizing the effectiveness of hydroxycholoroquine against COVID, and the misinformation spread against the drug after President Trump made positive comments about it.

October 2. Michigan Supreme Court rules Governor Whitmer assumed unconstitutional powers.

October 5. California MD Brian Tyson reports he has successfully treated 1,700 COVID cases with hydroxychloroquine—zero deaths. He says even without HCQ, we could reopen the country now. Says no need for vaccine.

October 9: Neurophysiologist Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson, MD, PhD: Oxygen deprivation from wearing masks causes permanent damage to nerve cells in brain; extremely dangerous for children.

October 21. Here’s another excellent article on why you should not routinely wear masks, written by Guy Crittenden, who was editor of the magazine HazMat Management for 25 years. Besides depriving your brain of oxygen, surgical masks contain carcinogens.

October 29. Alabama has reduced the number of COVID deaths in that state with no underlying conditions from 130 to 13.

November 5. Former UN employee Claire Edwards cogently summarizes what is really going on with the COVID crisis, EMFs, the World Economic Forum, and the plans of the New World Order.

November 13. John Rappoport explains how PCR test is used to increase “cases” and may later be manipulated downward to make it appear that COVID vaccines are working.

November 15. German attorney Reiner Fuellmich gives an informative update on class-action lawsuit efforts against those who are destroying economies through lockdowns based on false science.


November 20. A Portuguese court has ruled that PCR tests are “unreliable” and any quarantines based on them “unlawful.”

November 20. New Danish Study Finds Masks Don’t Protect Wearers From COVID Infection.

November 23. A vaccine box from AtraZaneca reveals that its COVID-19 vaccine ingredients includes recombinant DNA, aborted human fetal cells, and a chimpanzee virus.

November 24. In a video, Dr. Mike Yeadon, former chief science officer for Pfizer, debunks PCR test and other aspects of COVID “pandemic.”

December 3. Philadelphia Priest Dies After Participating in Moderna COVID Vaccine Trial.

December 4. ER doctor debunks the COVID crisis.–urgent-listen.-er-physician-warns-the-public-that-the-bait-and-switch-is-c.html

December 4. Dr. Tapper of Omaha, Nebraska, debunks PCR test.

December 5. Senator Rand Paul confronts Dr. Fauci with data proving that the re-opening of schools in Europe did not cause any spike in COVID, and data indicating that children do not spread the virus to adults.

December 7. Russian-trained toxicologist Igor Shepherd, who now lives in the U.S., says of COVID:

The vaccines have nothing at all to do with our health, but everything to do with controlling our minds and bodies. They are part of the pre-planned hoax pandemic with which to undermine our way of life in every aspect we can imagine. They will control what we eat, where we go, what we do, and how we think if we do not rise together in unity and push back. . . .Vaccinating the population rapidly (Operation Warp Speed) … is a brilliant tactic with which to take out hundreds of thousands of citizens without firing one shot. Injecting them with toxic or DNA-altering vaccinations would slowly paralyze the nation and allow for the completion of the New World Order’s Great Reset. . . .One thing that is certain, UN Agenda 2030 would not have been possible to accomplish this fast and quickly without the Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic was pre-planned in order to open the portal to the global elites’ decades-long goal to rule the world with an iron fist. 

December 7. In an outstanding 28-minute video, multiple health professionals—the vast majority of them medical doctors—denounce the COVID vaccine as unproven and unsafe, the PCR test as unreliable, and the “pandemic” as falsified. Each professional makes a brief statement, usually under one minute.

December 7. NBC News reports on “vaccine passport” apps that will allow—or deny—people the right to travel or enter various venues.

December 8. Four trial volunteers for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine have developed Bell’s Palsy.

December 8. Pierre Kory, MD, testifies on the effectiveness of the inexpensive drug Ivermectin against COVID.

December 9. Dr. Larry Palevsky, a 30-year pediatrician, gives one of the best analyses of COVID I’ve seen yet. Points out that symptoms are not typical of respiratory illness, but of a blood disorder, with several possible causes. He is among those challenging classic virology. Makes many strong points.

December 10. The late Kary Mullis, who invented the PCR test, slams Dr. Fauci, who, he says “doesn’t know anything about anything.”

December 10. A nurse reviews the contents of AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine (from AstraZeneca’s own labeling) and shows it includes recombinant (DNA-altering) material as well as cells derived from an aborted baby.

December 11. Article examines evidence that a pure sample of the COVID-19 virus has never actually been isolated by scientists.

December 13. Outraged doctor speaks about a four-year-old who was rushed to ER with bacterial lung infection caused by prolonged mask-wearing.

December 13. Netherland doctors say there is no pandemic; 87,000 nurses in the Netherlands are opposed to taking the vaccine.

December 13. South Australia mandates “COVID Safe Check-ins” in order to shop:

South Australia check-ins

December 14. Larry Romanoff has written an excellent review of anomalies in the spread of COVID that point to a bioweapons attack, at  Quote:

As I noted above, there is no such thing as a natural ‘second wave’ for an epidemic, much less of this next kind: No one has yet addressed the fact that virtually all countries in the world were hit with COVID-19 virtually at the same time, in two blasts. There were two waves – the first hit 25 countries on all continents, where medical practitioners confirmed their first domestic infection all within three days of each other. In the second wave, almost exactly one month later, 85 countries confirmed their first domestic infection, again almost all within three days of each other, and all in multiple locations. It shouldn’t be necessary to point out that no natural epidemic can manifest itself this way without human assistance.

December 17: Mexico’s President Slams Lockdowns as a Form of “Dictatorship”:

December 18. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. delivers a powerful denunciation of the agendas behind the COVID crisis.

December 20. Dr. Vernon Coleman comments on the dire implications of the more than 3,000 adverse reactions from the COVID vaccine reported so far:

December 20.  Chinese COVID study of nearly 10 million people fails to find even ONE case of COVID transmission from an asymptomatic person.

December 22. University of Florida researchers find no asymptomatic or presymptomatic spread of COVID.

December 22. In a highly regarded interview, Catherine Austin Fitts explains the relationship of the central bankers to the COVID crisis, and why they needed it for the “Great Reset.”

December 22. Polish ambulance crew does COVID test on apple juice. It’s COVID-positive. 1-minute video.

December 24. Former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson reports on the more than 5,000 “health impact events” resulting from the COVID vaccines so far.

December 24. James Corbett has produced an up-to-date video “The Future of Vaccines,” about the technologies, risks, and unknowns—as well as the threats to freedom—of the experimental COVID vaccines.

? Date. Moderna admits here that what they inject is an “operating system.” “Our mRNA technology platform functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs.”

January 2, 2021. Mask Harms in Kids: 68% of Parents Report Alarming Psychological and Physical Problems in First-of-its-kind Study.

January 12. Report: Report: 24 Dead In NY Nursing Home Days After Getting COVID vaccination.

January 13. Hospital Insider reportedly exposes UK COVID Scam. 2 minutes.

January 14. Microsoft, Cigna form coalition for digital records of COVID-19 vaccination.

January 15. 23 reported dead in Norway after taking Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

January 16. Alex Newman does a great interview with Lee Merrit, MD, who I had not heard of before. She debunks the COVID narrative and especially the push for mRNA vaccines.

January 16. “Freedom Airway.” James Corbett does a great interview of Dr. Dolores Cahill, who is taking several proactive approaches to ending the lockdowns.

January 22. Del Bigtree has done an outstanding new interview of Dr. Scott Jensen, who is leading effort by MDs to have COVID-claimed deaths AUDITED. Has new info on just how much hospitals are paid for reporting admissions as “COVID.”

January 23. Dr. Louise Lagendijk of the Netherlands, who studied molecular genetics at Harvard, explains the dangers of the new mRNA vaccines, especially their potential to create auto-immune disease. 6 minutes.

January 25. Five days after getting COVID vaccine, grandmother, 92, dies AND tests positive for COVID.

January 26. Toronto Sun: “People Are Really Spiralling”—Mental Health Experts Sound Off on Lockdown Harms.

January 26. 10-year certified nursing assistant, a Christian who truly speaks from the heart, reports that residents at his nursing home are “dying like flies” after the COVID vaccine. NO ONE had previously died from COVID at this facility. An outstanding video.

January 26. In a 4-minute video, Dolores Cahill, PhD immunologist, explains how the mRNA COVID vaccines can eventually throw large numbers of people into organ failure, as the mRNA causes the body to create the COVID spike protein throughout the body, setting up an auto-immune response.

January 27. Healthy, 39-year-old nurse’s aide dies ‘within 48 hours’ of receiving mandated COVID-19 shot.

February 1. Eight unborn babies dead soon after their mothers received COVID-19 vaccine.

February 1. At a Spanish nursing home, seven residents die and all 78 test positive for COVID after receiving mRNA COVID vaccine.  NO residents had the disease prior to vaccination. Several staff members have also fallen ill following vaccination.

February 3. Rosemary Frei vets the shaky science behind the “deadly new strains” of Sars-Cov-2.

February 4. Three healthy young Italian medical professionals dead after taking COVID vaccine.

February 8. 39-year-old medical doctor and son of former Chief Justice of Trinidad found dead after COVID injection in Ireland.

February 8. New York man dies 25 minutes after getting COVID vaccine. The dismissing of these incidents as coincidental is becoming far too automatic.

February 9. The UK’s Daily Mail reports that at least 36 people have developed a rare blood disorder, including a doctor who died, after receiving Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccines.

February 10. Peer-reviewed study finds CDC inflated COVID numbers by 1,600%.

February 11. Excellent, informative interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.  Over 40,000 adverse reactions to COVID vaccines in U.S. so far, and she reports that the worst will come a few months down the road. Explains the exact mechanisms of mRNA vaccines.

February 11. Dr. Vernon Coleman: Proof the NHS Is Lying—This Is Genocide and the Jabs Must Stop Now!

February 12. COVID BLOG reports that a 40-year-old Greek nurse was paralyzed after mRNA shot; hospital administrator faces criminal prosecution for reporting it.

February 14. Whistleblower: 8 of 31 seniors at German nursing home dead within 4 weeks after Pfizer COVID vaccine; all were physically healthy prior to vaccination.

February 15. Israel to Ban Citizens from Gyms, Cafés and Shops If They Refuse COVID Vaccine.

February 15. Forty-six residents of a nursing home who had received their first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech’s fast-tracked vaccination against COVID-19 at the beginning of January had died by the end of the month, Spanish media have reported.

February 15. Dr. Doug Corrigan notes that a recent study by Harvard and MIT scientists suggests mRNA vaccines can permanently alter a person’s DNA.

February 17. Per the UK’s Daily Mail: COVID vaccines are set to be tested on six-year-old children and “even newborns and pregnant women” as trials are expanded.

February 17. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab: “vaccine passports” could be needed to get into pubs or supermarkets in the UK.

February 17. Bill Gates: Third Shot May Be Needed to Combat Coronavirus Variants.

February 18.  “No Jab, No Job,” as some UK firms starting the process of making vaccines mandatory.”

February 19. UK’s Telegraph reports that COVID vaccination may be required every time a person goes abroad. It appears that we are progressively heading toward systematic, never-ending injections with mRNA vaccines.

February 19. Ireland to introduce “vaccine passports.”

February 21. In a flashback, Zero Hedge notes that Dr. Fauci opposed lockdowns and quarantining the healthy during the outbreak of Ebola (which had a much higher mortality rate than COVID).

February 22. France considers slowing vaccine rollout for hospital staff, with many unable to work following the jabs.

February 23, Netherlands: 22 residents dead at nursing home within two weeks of first mRNA shots. Report here.

February 23. Italian media reports dozens of teachers ill after receiving COVID vaccine.

February 23. Laura Ingraham busts Fauci and other medical bureaucrats for constantly moving the goalposts on COVID.

Posting on February 24. For those who don’t believe in the reality of anti-fertility vaccines, here is an abstract from Dr. Fauci’s own NIH on the successful testing of such vaccines. This is not a “conspiracy theory.”

Posted February 24. Haley Link Brinkmeyer, 28, of Evansville, Indiana, dead two days after taking COVID vaccine.

From the UK:

It’s going mainstream. UK’s Daily Mail:

February 26. Illinois: Springfield judge orders Pritzker administration to produce evidence justifying COVID restaurant shutdowns.

February 27. Daily Mail: Almost one-fourth of UK healthcare workers refusing COVID vaccine.

February 27. Nasal swab from PCR test punctures brain membrane of San Antonio woman.

February 28. Lawyers to sue WHO for “misleading world over COVID-19 outbreak.”

March 1. Report: Experimental vaccine death rate for Israel’s elderly 40 times higher than COVID-19 deaths.

March 1. Three Dozen Cases of Spontaneous Miscarriages, Stillbirths Occurring After COVID-19 Vaccination.

March 2. Report: Scientists at Sloan Kettering discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer.

March 2. Reuters: Half of French home care workers don’t trust COVID vaccine.

March 2. Texas sends out National Guard to inject home-bound seniors with COVID vaccine.

March 2. Texas governor lifts mask mandates, allows businesses to operate at full capacity.

March 3. Some Women Finding Lumps in Breasts After COVID Jabs.

March 3. Indonesia to begin imposing fines of up to $350 on those who refuse COVID vaccine.

March 4. From UK: vaccines for COVID variants to be fast-tracked without safety trials.

March 4. In UK, Health ‘experts’ now push for infant-masking, COVID vaccines before trips abroad.

March 4. American Institute for Economic Research: “The CDC’s Mask Mandate Study: Debunked.”

March 5. Even the mainstream journal Nature now has a study confirming that stay-at-home orders did not play a significant role is halting COVID.\\

March 5. Ben Stein issues warning about what Moderna’s COVID vaccine did to him.

March 6. Study supports thesis that RNA from COVID vaccines could permanently alter your DNA.

March 7. Reuters: One Austrian nurse dead and another develops pulmonary embolism after receiving AstraZenca vaccine.

March 8. Spiro Skouras interviews Attorney Ana Garner on landmark lawsuit in New Mexico battling COVID vaccinations as a condition of employment fptr first responders.

Posted March 8. Washington Post: “Anti-vaccine extremism is akin to domestic terrorism.”

March 9. Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt hospitalized in critical condition just one day after receiving COVID Vaccine.

March 10. Dr. Jay Bhattachary, professor at Stanford University Medical School, calls Lockdowns “Worst Public Health Mistake Ever.”

March 10. Utah woman, 39, dies 4 days after 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine; autopsy ordered.

March 10. Mike Whitney, summarizing research by Gilead Atzmon and others, shows that mass vaccination in Israel is leading to an upsurge in COVID cases, COVID deaths, cases among the young, and the possibility that the COVID-vaccinated are shedding COVID, possibly in more virulent forms.

March 11. Dr. Peter McCullough of Texas A & M University, the world’s most-published doctor in his field, blasts the response to COVID—especially favoring vaccines over direct treatments—before the Texas Senate HHS Committee. Dr. McCullough’s own viral video was deleted by YouTube.

March 11. Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia suspend AstraZeneca COVID vaccine after reports of potentially fatal blood clots.

March 11. Boston Globe: “Planning to celebrate your vaccination with a night out at the movies, or dinner, or a day at the ballpark? You might need to bring your passport—vaccine passport, that is.”

March 13. Vernon Coleman, MD: Covid-19 Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Could Wipe out the Human Race. Like Whitney, Coleman believes the vaccinated may spread COVID to the unvaccinated.

March 14. Catherine Austin Fitts: Family Financial Disclosure Form for COVID-19 Injections. Something you may want to have loved complete who are considering the jab.

March 15. Video: Canadian Doctors Speak Out: Top Reasons Not to be Afraid of COVID-19. “Research now shows that the PCR test is practically worthless. Only 3% of patients with a positive test actually have the coronavirus.”—Dr. Stephen Malthouse.

March 18. Professor Pål Andre Holme of Norway:  “AstraZeneca Jab IS Causing Deadly Blood Clots.”

March 19. WHO whistle-blower exposes Bill Gates, WHO and GAVI.

March 25. Kansas City Council Woman DEAD Hours After Receiving Experimental COVID Injection.

March 26. In an interview, three-star General McInerny warns people not to take COVID vaccine.

March 26. New York to introduce “Excelsior Pass,” which will provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination, or a negative test.

March 27. Forbes: You’re going to need a vaccine passport. When alt media warned about this a year ago, it was scoffed at as a “conspiracy theory.”—youre-going-to-need-it/

March 28. North Carolina College Professor dead after Johnson and Johnson COVID Shot.

March 28. Woman speaks out about her father dying after receiving Pfizer COVID vaccine. 2-minute clip.

April 2. OUTSTANDING. Canadian Dr. Mark Trozzi, emergency MD for 25 years, explain the COVID fraud and why he resigned over it.

April 3. Although Alex Jones has many critics in alt media, Info Wars has done a solid job of analyzing the “SPARS” exercise document produced by Johns Hopkins, which, very much like Event 201—If not more–predicted what is happening now and what is yet to come.

April 6. Montana Governor Greg Gianforte tests positive for COVID days after first vaccine shot.

April 6. Young Irish students recount the harm they are encountering from constant mask-wearing at school.

April 7. Hundreds turned away from Dick’s Sporting Goods Park after 11 suffer adverse reactions to COVID vaccine. Two people who received Johnson & Johnson vaccine taken to area hospitals for observation.

Posted April 9. The eminent Dr. Roger Hodkinson on the dangers of the COVID vaccines and why they are unnecessary. Two-minute clip.

April 10. Over 57% of marines at Camp Lejeune in NC have declined the Covid vaccine.

April 10. In an interview, Father Peter Heers of Othodox Ethos gives an informed outlook on COVID vaccination from an Orthodox Christian perspective.

April 12. Florida reports single-digit COVID-19 deaths for first time in months.

April 12. Pentagon Announces Invention Of Microchip That Would Be Implanted And Detect Coronavirus.

Posted April 13. Woman with over 400,000 Instagram followers reports she was offered thousands of dollars to promote COVID vaccines.

April 14. Daily Mail: Mother demands answers after her 20-year-old son dies 12 hours after getting Pfizer jab.

April 14. Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Democrat Governor Tony Evers Does Not Have Authority to Limit Business Capacity.

Posted April 14. Nurse Rachel McKinney, 35, mother of two, passed away after COVID vaccination.

April 16. CNN analyst Midwin Charles, 47, dead a month after taking Pfizer vaccine.

April 19. The death of the famous actor Vivek a day after he publicly took the COVID vaccine has sparked outrage in India. Here another well-known actor, Mansoor Ali Khan, asks all the right questions.

April 19. VAERS: Two-year-old baby in Virginia dead six days after second experimental Pfizer mRNA shot. Story here.

April 20. 8 Ways mRNA COVID Vaccines Can Kill You – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 6-minute video.

Posted April 20. Bethel Park woman paralyzed 12 hours after getting first dose of Pfizer vaccine, doctors searching for answers.

April 21. Yale public health professor Dr. Harvey Risch suggests 60% of new COVID-19 patients have received vaccine.

April 22. Nurse sheds light on the horrible, varied symptoms unvaccinated people are acquiring from vaccinated people who are spreading the spike proteins. IRONICALLY it appears that saying “social distanced” from the vaccinated may be justified.

April 28. Pfizer admits in its own mRNA document that the NON-vaccinated can be exposed to the vaccine’s spike proteins by inhalation or skin contact.

April 30. Rockefeller Foundation says 63 percent of U.S. companies will require proof of vaccination for workers to return to office.

Posted April 30. MD will not permit vaccinated patients into his office because of the many risks they pose to his unvaccinated patients.

May 1. Rockefeller Foundation says 63 percent of U.S. companies will require proof of vaccination for workers to return to office.

May 3. Mainstream broadcaster Eamonn Holmes lets it slip that there are restrictions on what broadcasters may say on COVID, “and you’re not allowed to question the narrative.”

May 4.Form for employees whose employers are requiring COVID-19 injections.

May 4. World’s Most-Vaccinated Nation (Seychelles) Activates Curbs as Cases Rise.

May 19. Young model Stephanie Dubois of Cypress is dead after from brain hemorrhage after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine.

May 21. COVID vaccines have created nine new Big Pharma billionaires.

May 23. Senator Rand Paul says he will not be taking the COVID vaccine.

May 24. On Project Veritas, FaceBook whistle-blowers, providing documents, expose FB’s attempts to suppress “vaccine hesitancy” globally.

May 25. In a short video, a man demonstrates that he has digital connectivity to AstraZeneca, through various digital devices, ever since getting their vaccine.

May 25. “A pop-up vaccine clinic in Canada is offering kids free ice cream in exchange for a vaccine, no parental permission required. Police are guarding the front to stop parents from intervening.”

May 25. Nobel Prize-winning French virologist Luc Montagnier says COVID vaccines are a cause of the new COVID “variants” and that it is “unthinkable” to be vaccinating during a pandemic. However, reports that he said all [COVID] vaccinated people will die within two years appear to be unfounded.

May 25. Bar Association of India is suing Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist of World Health Organization, for making false statements about the effectiveness of Ivermectin against COVID.

May 28. VAERS data released by the CDC today showed 262,521 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 4,406 deaths and 21,537 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and May 21, 2021.

May 28. Johnson and Johnson vaccines shown to come with blank inserts—no information.

May 30. Investigative journalist Brian Gerrish of the UK Column is interviewed by German attorney Reiner Fuellmich and colleagues, and reveals documentation that UK and EU governments are working in concert, engaging in psychological warfare against their populations. A highly informative conversation:

May 31. Posted on Twitter:

May 31. Dr. Byram Bridle: Peer-reviewed studies show COVID “spike protein” is a toxin. The vaccine circulates it through the bloodstream, leading to clotting or bleeding. It also passes the blood-brain barrier, causing neurological damage, and toxins are passed on to breast-feeding infants. Says no COVID-vaccinated person should be allowed to donate blood:

June 1. Over 40 doctors Tell UK Drug Regulators: Vaccinating Kids for COVID is “Irresponsible, Unethical and Unnecessary.”

June 1. 117 Employees Sue Texas Hospital Over COVID Vaccine Mandate.

June 3. Scott Jensen. MD, says we’re “being played.” Goes hard on Fauci after the latter’s emails were released.

June 4. Seven U.S. teens have developed heart inflammation following second Pfizer shot.

Posted June 4. Mainstream interview with 35-year-old mom Brittany Galvin, who was paralyzed after COVID vaccine.

Posted June 4. Massive London anti-lockdown protest was downplayed by mainstream media.

Posted June 4. The eminent cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough speaks out on the COVID vaccines, especially condemning their use on children and teens.

June 5. Brutal police tactics against small business owners holding a peaceful protest in Australia:

June 5. Dutch minister Thierry Baudet on the Rockefeller Foundation foreseeing the pandemic measures in 2010.

June 6. NHS doctor Samuel White resigns over COVID/lockdown fraud, speaks out in 8-minute video.

Posted June 6. Richard Bartlett, MD, of Texas, says he is now seeing more patients come to the ER from vaccine injury than with COVID symptoms.

Posted June 6. Luigi Warren, founder of mRNA technology used by Moderna, confirmed that vaccine recipients can shed the spike protein. For Tweeting this, his Twitter account was suspended.

Posted June 8. Registered nurse and certified medical investigator displays PCR swabs that are coated with ethylene oxide, a carcinogen that has been shown to cause a host of serious illnesses in addition to cancer.

June 9.  Dr. Mike Yeadon , former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer: Children are 50 times likelier to die from the COVID vaccine than COVID itself.

June 9. ER nurse, who has seen many patients with adverse reactions to COVID vaccines, puts her job on the line by refusing her hospital’s demand that staff take the vaccine.

June 9. Comedian Jimmy Dore describes what happened to him after getting the Moderna jab.

June 10.  Following release of emails between Fauci and Zuckerberg, House Republicans are demanding investigation of FaceBook’s censorship of COVID information.

Posted June 10. Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, predicts a future in which humans will have chips implanted in their brains.

June 11. Study at Cleveland Clinic shows the COVID vaccine is of no benefit to those who have already had COVID.

June 12. 18-year-old had heart attack within 48 hours of second Pfizer shot.

Posted June 13. Next to her husband, Pamela Goodman discusses her 32-year-old stepson, who died of a heart attack 12 hours after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine.

June 15. Two Belgian medical doctors warn against taking COVID vaccine.

June 15. 19-year-old college freshman dies from heart problems after receiving Moderna vaccine.

Posted June 15. Clip of Dr. Joseph Mercola interviewing Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT on the mRNA vaccines causing toxic proteins to spread throughout the body—and they can be shed to other people.

June 15. Watch reaction of children in Israel when are told they don’t need to wear masks anymore.

Posted June 16. Autopsy on man who died after Pfizer vaccines shows that throughout his body his organs were infected with viral RNA., leading to a catastrophic auto-immune response.

Posted June 16. 2-minute video shows police in India warning that anyone over 45 who is unvaccinated will not be allowed to leave their homes.

Posted June 16. Richard Fleming, MD, PhD: mRNA vaccines will cause cells throughout body to produce spike protein, leading to “hyper-inflammatory response.”

June 16. The European Commission has mandated that all member states issue COVID passports.

June 16. CVS pharmacist quits job due to deadly agenda behind COVID vaccines. Drops many truth bombs.

June 17. At a Press Briefing at Canadian Parliament Hill, an ER Doctor speaks out about censorship:

Posted June 17. Cherie Romney describes to Tucker Carlson of Fox News how both her husband and son suffered clotting disorders after receiving COVID vaccine.

Posted June 19. UK woman describes effects of AstraZeneca vaccine.

Posted June 19. Doctors in Australia becoming hesitant to give COVID vaccines.

June 20. UK funeral home director reports that he saw no increase in deaths during the “pandemic,” but that there are many deaths now among those that have taken the vaccine.

June 21. Vaccine propaganda hits new low with music video.

June 25. COVID victims: Rest in Peace.

Posted June 25. Dr. Pierre Kory tells Fox News about the lives lost because Ivermectin was not used to treat COVID.

June 26. UK Protest march. The people have had enough.

June 26. Aerial view of UK protest march, said to have extendd for four miles.

June 26. Dr. Jane Ruby on the fallacies of the COVID vaccines.

June 26. Daily Mail reporter Sally Beck blows the whistle on mainstream media’s coverup of vaccine injuries.

June 27. Short video explains the fallacies of the PCR test.

June 28. Half of Covid-19-infected adults in Israel in latest outbreak were fully vaccinated.

Posted June 28. Dr Stephanie Seneff, senior research scientist at MIT, on the dangers of mRNA vaccines.

June 28. Victim Brianne Dressen, abandoned by her health care team, describes being “collateral damage” of the COVID vaccines.

June 30. Richard Fleming, Phd, MD, displays papers corroborating the dangers of the COVID vaccine and the possibility of shedding.

July 1. New medical journal study documents that children wearing masks increase their carbon dioxide levels to dangerous levels.

July 2. 13-Year-Old Dies in Sleep After Receiving Pfizer COVID Vaccine; CDC Investigating.

For additional updates, see my posts “COVID Visuals” and “Fighting the COVID PSYOP with Ultra Short Video Clips and Graphics.”