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NOTE: While researching The War on Christianity, Part 2, I felt we needed to switch to something fun. I thank the many creators of these memes and videos. (All videos are linked directly from YouTube. It is not always possible to identify the creators of memes, many of which crop up uncredited on social media. Most of the ones with voice balloons are my own. If anyone wants credit for a meme they designed, or removal of content they created, email me via this site’s contact form.) I especially want to acknowledge David Dees, the Norman Rockwell of the Truth Movement. Please visit his site and support his work. Finally, I acknowledge that what is funny to some is not necessarily funny to others, but I hope most readers will find things here they enjoy.

We Truthers are supposed to be paranoid, but as this meme explains . . .


OK, admittedly, Truthers can come on a little too strong sometimes, which as Joy Camp points out, can lead to social strain in our lives:

But the Truth Movement stands on solid ground. It was essentially launched after the government’s official explanation of 9/11 collapsed.

Still more believable

That “official story” has been concisely summarized by James Corbett:

No, you just can’t get away from those pesky 9/11 realities:

Jet fuel can't

It soon became clear that 9/11 was only one of many false flags. Now in case you’re wondering what a false flag is (wish I’d had this teacher in high school) . . .

False Flag Teacher

These false flags have patterns:


Besides drills (which go “live” once it becomes clear that the false flag can be successfully carried out; otherwise they can remain drills), there were the IDs of terrorists at Charlie Hebdo and Paris conveniently left for police to find, just like on 9/11. Today, not even BABIES are fooled by this false-flag cliché:


Of course, we all know whose passport was really found intact near the World Trade Center (just kidding):


And just like Syria Danny, we discover the same crisis actors being employed:

Crisis Actor Muslim

Betsy McGee seems to have caught on to “Super Witness” Steve Silva:

Use of counterfeit witnesses shouldn’t surprise us, since it’s becoming widely acknowledged that the FBI contrives most of the terror plots it claims to prevent.

FBI Foils

Wag the Dog (1997) had already dramatized how Hollywood cooperates with the government to create artificial news crises:

Of course, when confronted with this revelation, many people have a standard response:

The Two Most Misguided

To get past these two misconceptions, one must step outside the box and recognize that, in reality, our geopolitical world is ruled by a Luciferian oligarchy, which has been documented by many resources, of which Truth Is a Lonely Warrior is but one.

Imagine If You Will

To get a feel for the level of control, watch the prime ministers of Australia and Canada make identical speeches calling for war in Iraq (not funny, but fascinating):

This oligarchy, long centered at the wealth of the Rothschild banking dynasty, is worldwide. Brits are waking up to it:

Know Your Parasites

The oligarchy also runs America. Don’t believe it? Watch this 12-minute excerpt from an interview with the late Aaron Russo, Hollywood producer of such films as Trading Places and Wise Guys:

Yes, Americans are waking up too.

Ask Not What

But don’t we get to vote? I never discourage people from voting, especially in local elections, but this comedy clip captures the illusion of national democracy:

The oligarchy rules both parties:


. . . making a mockery of “choice”. . .

Voting You Choose

. . . with the reality that:

Voting 2

Presidents and prime ministers are pre-selected by the oligarchy:

Obama Darth Vader

In exchange for obedience, these politicians receive fame, power and other perks like Nobel Prizes (which sometimes cheapens the perk’s value):

Nobel Peace Prize Oil Change

Nobel Prize Tacos

Bush Nobel Prize

With Obama, they even gave us a President who took years to produce a Photoshopped birth certificate, and wasn’t even who they said he was . . .

Birth Certifcate

. . . nor went to the school they claimed:

Background check

Even political speech venues use crisis actors, as the incomparable Redsilverj has exposed for Obama and Hillary:

And with the advent of electronic voting machines, which may be programmed to fix an election, the Establishment can be absolutely sure they get their candidate of choice, as Onion News parodied before the 2008 elections:

So why doesn’t mainstream media tells us what’s really going on? Since 90 percent of all American media is owned by just six corporations, the oligarchy that controls the government also controls the news. The “CNN vs Fox” paradigm is as phony as the “Democrat vs Republican” paradigm.

Sheeple fox CNN


They’re counting on us to be gullible:

Gullibility test

We need a BS detector . . .

BS detector

. . . until we can instinctively detect it:


(And if you’re putting faith in Wikipedia, you might like to watch Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s 10-minute talk.)

Then we can step outside the box . . .

Everything is OK

. . . and start to learn about the oligarchy’s other intrigues, such as the Federal Reserve, a legalized counterfeiting scheme which has created trillions of dollars from thin air, destroying 98 percent of the dollar’s value since its founding 102 years ago:

Federal Reserve Dees

The money ends up in the hands of banks and multinational corporations—NOT you.


Here’s Janet Yellen and her Federal Reserve Board (OK, it’s not Yellen, but the meme encapsulates the reality):


Ron Paul tried to rein in the Fed, but of course, mainstream news neglected to report that. Nor did they tell you about Alan Grayson, one of the few congressmen who could make Ben Bernanke squirm:

Of course, you realize why the Post Office had to cancel its series of stamps portraying Federal Reserve chairmen—people were confused about which side to spit on.

And do you know how many Federal Reserve Board members it takes to screw in a lightbulb? NONE. They just stand still and screw the whole world around them.

The old axiom holds:

Give a Man

Nor does Mainstream Media remind us that in 2001, according to General Wesley Clark, the Pentagon already had a plan to make wars on seven countries, including Iraq, Libya and Syria. And thus we have had endless Middle East wars, each of which required a pretext. That’s why we had Bush saying:

Oops No WMDs

The latest war, on Syria, is being waged for up to eight reasons, but is perhaps best summed by this meme:


Yes, Obama did fund the Syrian rebels we now call ISIS (remember how he wanted to bomb Assad in 2013 over phony allegations that Assad used sarin gas on his own people?). And anyone who wonders about the current refugee crisis, and its potential to create ISIS threats in Europe and America, should recognize that Obama and his NATO allies have generated this crisis through the insane policy of never-ending wars destabilizing the Middle East.


And since the DHS has been quietly bringing 100,000 Muslims into the U.S. each year, who would REALLY be at fault for a domestic ISIS attack?

Obama ISIS

And let’s not forget . . .

One More Question

The answer to Columbo’s question, of course, is America’s allies Turkey and Israel.

Netanyahu Obama

Yes, while American Social Security recipients have been told they will get no cost-of-living adjustment in 2016, due largely to our grossly understated rate of inflation, military aid to Israel is expected to increase to $5 billion annually.

Thanks America

After all, since Israel only has 4,000 tanks and 10,000 armored fighting vehicles, it desperately needs more against the rock-throwing Palestinians. . .


. . . whose land it has been progressively stealing since 1946:


How would, say, the British feel about the same situation?


As a matter of fact, the BBC asked that very question:

Further acquiescing to Israel’s plan to expand into “Greater Israel” by destabilizing the Middle East . . .


. . . could, of course, lead to World War III. But since America doesn’t have the money to fight a world war, The Second City launched a campaign to help fund it in the nick of time:

When World War III didn’t happen as soon as hoped for, Second City produced an update to reassure disappointed donors:

One event that recently threw a monkey wrench into the whole Middle East destabilization process was the arrival of Vladimir Putin’s Russian forces, causing considerable outrage amongst NATO leaders:

Syria Cameron

Yet Russia’s air force apparently did more damage to ISIS in its first week than the U.S. air force had done in one year, suggesting that Obama’s original motives for Syrian intervention had never changed.

ISIS Caravan

Yes, Putin, is making Obama look pretty bad:

Putin Obama

Syria showdown

In the fight against ISIS, other NATO leaders, like France’s Hollande, don’t look very convincing compared to Putin either:

Putin Hollande

Now I realize that some say Putin is a war-monger . . .

Russia Wants War

However, his image is a lot better in Russia than Obama’s is at home:

The Powers that Be have an agenda that goes beyond profits and the Middle East. After 9/11, President Bush told us the perpetrators had done it because “They hate our freedoms.” But Americans are asking:


After all, nothing has reduced our liberties more than the Patriot Act:

I watch you

Some may have been fooled . . .

Increased Security
Credit: Robert Mankoff, The New Yorker, 1-21-2002

. . . but many are NOT:

Elliot Freedom

It’s increasingly clear that the greatest threat to the Bill of Rights is coming from the government itself (picture credit Dees):

Constitution shredder

With ever-widening definitions of the word “terrorist” . . .

Red Ryder

. . . many fear that we’ll be on the run ourselves . . .

These Aren't The

. . . to avoid being sent to FEMA camps:


The main thing that has been holding back this development is gun ownership, which is why we are suddenly seeing so many false-flag shooting events:

Dees False Flag

These are intended to create GUN CONTROL:

Gun control Dees

Of course, gun ownership is a Constitutional right.

Gun Control 1

Gun control didn’t work out so well for Native Americans:

Gun Control 2

There’s simply no reason to punish millions of law-abiding citizens over the crimes of a handful:

80 million

The fact is: terrorist groups like ISIS don’t register their guns . . .

Gun Control 3

. . . so the only result of gun control would be DEFENSELESS AMERICANS:Gun-Control-For-Dummies

In fact, lawful gun ownership is a DETERRENT to crime. . .

Gun Control 5

. . . because as this meme aptly puts it, there are . . .

Gun Control 4

Perhaps this Glock commercial says it best:

But the oligarchy’s agenda has yet other items. To control the population, they want it dumbed down through politically correct “education” . . .

. . . and our minds numbed by Big Pharma drugs.

Even worse than population control, they want population reduction, to be achieved through many means, such as genetically modified foods . . .

Monsanto corn Dees


. . . and through deadly vaccines . . .

Vaccine playset

. . . which are encouraged with “free” and “special offer” . . .

Special Offer

. . . and which, thanks to draconian laws, are increasingly mandatory . . .

Vaccine checkpoint

. . . mandatory even for the childhood infections which most of us older folks long ago went through and knew were relatively harmless, as these old TV clips on measles remind us:

Heavy-duty population control advocate Bill Gates, who is donating over $10 billion to vaccine development, let it slip during a talk that vaccines will reduce population.

Vaccine Gates

And then there’s wi-fi radiation . . .

Radiation Dees

. . . and chemtrails and geoengineering . . .


Chemtrails 2

Sheeple Mag weather control

Of course, if we absorb too much negative information, we can end up feeling like the guy in Joy Camp’s Dial P for Paranoia:

Nevertheless, we keep our hopes high that enough people will awaken, and the global elite will finally face justice:


I Have a Dream


Hillary walk

And if justice doesn’t occur in this life, there is justice in the life to come.

Speaking of the life to come, I’d like to close, not on note of satire, resentment or even information, but on a note of love. The following picture, recently somewhat viral on social media, was of a dying elderly woman whose cat was allowed to visit her in the hospital during her last days on Earth:

Lady with Cat

Let’s keep fighting for freedom and justice, but let’s keep laughing and loving as well. For all of you who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a safe and blessed holiday.

James Perloff

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