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These memes run more or less in the order I created them starting in 2020. As somebody recently said, memes should be called “spoiler alerts.” I posted my first Bill Gates COVID meme on Twitter on January 24, 2020. This was it: | See? I knew it. They’re all in

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The World According to Perloff’s Twitter Memes

I decided to take a comedy break with a collection of my Twitter memes, subdivided by topic. Memes are a modern variation on the political cartoon.  I hope my fellow “Red Pillers,” who live outside the Matrix, will get a few laughs from these.

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Chicks Be Like . . . (a post for guys only)

A guys’-only view of the “battle of the sexes,” one of the few battles that crosses political, cultural and ethnic lines. In fact, I think it’s healthy to reaffirm that battle in this insane age of transgenderism and transhumanism.

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