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Caught in the Act of Being Scripted

From 2003: Watch the prime ministers of the “sovereign” countries of Australia and Canada giving identical speeches advocating the war against Iraq: Watch as numerous mainstream TV news anchors—from different networks (Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC)—read identical remarks from their teleprompters. Ironically, their script says social media is endangering democracy with

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The World According to Perloff’s Twitter Memes

I decided to take a comedy break with a collection of my Twitter memes, subdivided by topic. Memes are a modern variation on the political cartoon.  I hope my fellow “Red Pillers,” who live outside the Matrix, will get a few laughs from these.

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A Century of Mainstream Media Lies

Newspapers were the first vehicle that mainstream media used to manipulate Americans into war. In 1898 the “Yellow Press,” spearheaded by the New York Journal and the New York World, fabricated outlandish atrocity tales about Cuba in the run-up to the Spanish-American war.

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