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Being in the midst of a serious and slow-moving post, as well as a stalled book, I decided to take a comedy break. Many who follow my blog, but not my Twitter account, don’t know that I regularly meme on Twitter, so I thought I’d organize a collection for the blog, subdivided by topic. Where a picture was originally captioned by the Tweet text, I’ve added that text as a caption here.

Memes are a modern variation on the political cartoon.  I hope my fellow “Red Pillers,” who live outside the Matrix, will get a few laughs from these.

The Deep State

At the head of the Deep State—meaning the oligarchy that runs most of the world from behind the scenes—researchers have long found the Rothschild banking dynasty, perhaps best personified today by Jacob Rothschild and his cousin Evelyn.

Evelyn even likes to invest in the weather.

The Rothschilds have always had proxies in America. Here’s J. P. Morgan having a George Carlin moment:

John D. Rockefeller enjoying a George Carlin moment:

David Rockefeller—who passed away last year—finally gets his:

U.S. Foreign Policy Memes

Here’s the “All American Wars are Fought to Spread Democracy and Defend our Freedoms” starter pack:

To make a case for yet another Middle East war (Syria),  the government decides it must go all out:

“Knock-Knock!” “Who’s there?” “Freedom and Democracy! I’m Freedom and he’s Democracy!”

I think someone else originated this concept:

How to become a Zionist Neocon President in 4 easy steps:

“No—DON’T round up the usual suspects! Arrest THIS scoundrel! Don’t you know what America’s eventually going to do to the Middle East?”

9/11: Where it really began for alternative media!

“Your mission—should you choose to accept it, Jim—is to help Mossad destroy the World Trade Center and blame it on Muslim patsies.”

Three myths to beware of:

And yes, Israel did it, with a little help from their friends.

Guess whose passport they really found outside the World Trade Center:

“You did it, Netanyahu, I know you did. You did 9/11”

Those words that we in the Truth Movement all long to hear from friends and family:

The 2016 Election: An Epic Meme War!

We must start with one person:

1958: “Hillary, you didn’t really steal the other children’s lunch money and then kill the tattle-tale, did you?”
Phyllis Dietrichson of Double Indemnity—still less dishonest, less treacherous, less greedy, and less deadly than Hillary.

No, the needle on the meter isn’t stuck. She just doesn’t stop lying.
Returns from Rio de Janeiro after shattering the Olympic record for lying.

As the 2016 campaign proceeded, my memes left no doubt about who I opposed:

Only time I ever agreed with Biff.

Breaking news as Hillary disclosed her prospective cabinet:

You might recall the night Hillary revealed our nuclear launch time during the debates.

But if I could be accused of favoritism during the campaign, what could we say of the mainstream media?

“‘Biased’? What do you mean we’re ‘biased’?”

“All right, move along! Please, please, disperse! Nothing to see here!”

“Hm. I wonder what ‘the mark of the Beast’ will turn out to be.”

But then came the Election results!

“Hillary’s run for the White House? Missed it by that much.”

“Well, Huma. At least we still won the psychopath vote.”

Mainstream media then launched its “fake news” tirade.

But the public wasn’t buying.

When “fake news,” “Not My President” marches, recounts, and threats to electors didn’t work, then came “Russian Hacking,” which quickly became “Blame Russia for everything.”

Trump Memes

I guardedly supported Donald Trump, and voted for him, as he said many of the right sound bites during the campaign. However, his aggressive Neocon foreign policy, such as the indefensible cruise missile attack on Syria, extension of the Afghanistan war, arms deal for Saudi Arabia potentially worth $350 billion, and recent recognition of Jerusalem as exclusively the capital of Israel, demonstrate that he is carrying out the Rothschild plan for Greater Israel.  This is perhaps why he was allowed to win—because only Trump could secure the support of patriots and military men to drag a worn-out America into yet more unnecessary warfare in the Middle East. Once Iran is neutralized, I believe the Rothschilds will have no further use for Trump (they detest his “deplorables”) and a pretext will likely be found for impeachment (perhaps even with his prearranged consent). ***WARNING***: TRUMP SUPPORTERS WILL NOT LIKE THESE MEMES.

“You didn’t SERIOUSLY think I was going to let a true independent win your election, did you? Oh, Donald, park my Rolls Royce, will you? That’s a good chap.”

Even CNN did a brief but instant 180 when Trump bombed Syria:

Many believe the real power in the White House is Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner of Chabad Lubavitch:

It’s not encouraging that the Kushners made the largest real estate deal in history to acquire 666 5th Avenue, home to Lucent Technologies, developers of the RFID chip that some think could become “the mark of the Beast.”

Just sayin’

Zionists controlling global policy is nothing new.

Figures as diverse as Israeli nuclear whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu and Libya’s Qaddafi have fingered Israel for the Kennedy assassination.

Not funny, but needs posting:

ISRAEL. All this brings us to the Rothschild proxy state, its grip on U.S. foreign policy and aid, and its oppression of the Palestinians.

“All right, men, fan out. That 5-year-old Palestinian girl must be here somewhere.”

Recently the case of Ahed Tamimi has gone viral:

How does Israel get away with it?

Pavlov’s Dog: Was conditioned so that, every time he was shown evidence of Zionist crimes, he barked “antisemitism!”

Christian Zionism

Of course, support for Israel has always required the phenomenon of Christian Zionism, which I have written an extensive post on.

Taking a bit of license, this meme depicts the 1904 events leading to publication of the Scofield Reference Bible:

Here’s the Christian Zionist “I Love Israel Even Though They Spit on Christians, Genocide Palestinians, Attacked the USS Liberty and Did 9/11” Starter Pack:

Of course, here on American soil we’re beset by FALSE FLAGS.

False flags are nothing new, as demonstrated by the event that brought us into World War I.

I gave a 15-minute talk at the 2015 LibertyFest, summarizing the false flags that have misled America into wars. Often, however, they are orchestrated for domestic purposes such as gun control.

“And the Oscar for the best crisis actor in a false flag PSYOP goes to  . . .”

Domestic false flags are leading us toward an ORWELLIAN POLICE STATE ruled by SURVEILLANCE and CENSORSHIP, which we are already tasting.

“These aren’t the gun-owning, home-schooling, 9/11 Truth, anti-vaccine, anti-GMO, anti-Zionist Tweeters we’re looking for. OK, move along.”

I made this meme, but someone else came up with the concept:

Letting old TV shows speak to the issues

“Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Heck—I can’t tell with all those chemtrails!”
“No, Beaver, you may NOT be excused from tomorrow’s class on satanic pedophilic transgenderism.”

“Admit it, Mrs. Clinton. It was YOU who pulled the trigger on Vince Foster!”
“All right, Untouchables, let’s go to work. And just remember—there is no such thing as Jewish gangsters, only Italian gangsters.”
SKIPPER—“We won’t be here long. The NSA can find anyone anywhere, right, professor?” PROFESSOR—“Unless your name is Osama Bin Laden.”

“Highway Patrol here! I just caught those ‘dancing Israelis.’ They won’t be dancing when I get done with them!”
Dr. Richard Kimble—pursued relentlessly by the police lieutenant who discovered he wasn’t forcing kids to take vaccinations.

A Few Random Memes

“Mr. Wales, could I interest you in signing this petition for gun control?”

“Did I ever tell you how I fought in the Great Meme War?” “Yeah, Grandpa, 200 times.”
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