Massachusetts Voters Face an Epic “Election of the Century”

I’m sure some subscribers wonder why I haven’t written any posts or been on any podcasts lately. It’s because I’ve been working flat out on a new book. It’s now at the typesetter and should be out in November.

But something else is coming up in November. Normally I don’t get excited about Massachusetts gubernatorial elections. We’ve had our share of “RINO Republican” governors like William Weld and Mitt Romney.

But I didn’t realize how different this year was until a friend sent me this video of WCVB interviewing Leah Cole Allen, who is the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor on the ticket with Geoff Diehl:

Some of you know I was a registered nurse in Massachusetts for 45 years. Allen, like me, is an RN. The difference is, I retired voluntarily in 2019 just before COVID hit; Allen was fired as an RN for refusing the vax, even though she had been a front-line nurse on a COVID ward.

The WCVB interview was conducted outdoors, because the station wouldn’t let anyone in who wasn’t COVID-vaxxed.

Allen is also a former state legislator, so she knows the political process. When pressed by the somewhat hostile reporters, she also affirmed that she is pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. She is well-spoken.

I had the pleasure of meeting Leah on October 6 at a VFW rally event. Like me, from the lockdown’s beginning she opposed the quarantining of perfectly healthy, asymptomatic people, and understood that you do NOT force experimental vaccines (a misnomer for mRNA gene therapy) on people, a violation of human rights under the Nuremburg Code.

Like her running mate, Allen is totally opposed to lockdowns. Geoff Diehl has stated that, if elected, he will immediately restore the jobs of all state workers who lost them for refusing the jab. He is a former four-term state legislator. Here is a WCVB interview with Diehl:

To my surprise (or maybe not), more than a week after Diehl and Allen won the Republican primary, I typed in on Google:

Diehl Allen campaign website

Their website did not even show up; just a bunch of newspaper articles. I had to go to Geoff Diehl’s Twitter feed to find the actual link. Good old Google.

Well, that search-engine lapse has finally been corrected. The campaign’s website is

Of course, I’m not a big fan of politicians, and I don’t have much confidence in the integrity of the vote-counting systems.

But look at who Diehl and Allen are running against: Maura “Hold It” Healey. Healey, a lesbian, has said that if people aren’t comfortable going into a bathroom that a transsexual has walked into, they should “hold it” (hold their pee). In other words, trans people’s rights exceed everyone else’s. She is extremely pro-gun control, and here’s an article from last year on her “doubling down” on COVID vaccines.

I’m sure many of my readers are familiar with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, also known as the “Lockdown Queen” and “Wicked Witch of the West.” Well, Maura Healey would probably make Whitmer look like Snow White.

What would Massachusetts’ future be like under Maura Healey? The future is uncertain, and I can only speculate, but possibly we might see . . .

When flu season returns in the winter, it might only take one scary headline about a “new COVID variant” to throw Massachusetts back into full lockdown mode: small businesses shut down; workers informed by the governor who is “essential” and “not essential”; school children forced to mask up all day while isolated from each other by plexiglass (except maybe during “Drag Queen Story Hour”); people forced to stand six feet apart, even though former CDC Director Robert Redfield has now admitted that the 6-foot social distancing rule was arbitrary with no science behind it.

One of the scariest moments for Boston came less than a year ago, when mayor Michelle Wu announced that no one would be permitted into a Boston restaurant, gym, or major public venue, without proof of vaccination, despite powerful evidence that COVID vaccines don’t prevent transmission and have had countless severe side effects (see., e.g., my last post on COVID from 2021).

Fortunately, the Boston restriction was later lifted. But what happens if Maura Healey becomes governor? If there was a COVID resurgence, would she broaden Michelle Wu’s Boston ban and mandate vaccine passports for the entire state?

To give you an idea of just how left-wing Massachusetts has become, this year the state legislature passed a new law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. (Massachusetts voters will have an opportunity to overturn that law in an election-day referendum.) But given Healey’s soft stand on immigration, and her hard stand on gun control, one can anticipate sharply rising crime rates under a Healey governorship.

I do have a minor complaint about the Diehl-Allen campaign, however. Slogans may seem silly, but they’ve helped win elections, be it “He Has Kept Us Out of War,” “America First,” “I Like Ike,” or “Make America Great Again.” When you go to the Diehl website product page, one sees yard signs, bumper stickers, hats and coffee mugs. They all say the same thing: “Diehl for Governor.” I wonder how many long nights it took a brain trust, with rolled-up sleeves, laboring over coffee as they chain-smoked, to dream up that zinger? (Just kidding.)

But how many votes is that slogan going to draw away from Healey? Perhaps a handful. Since Healey has signs that say “Healey for Governor,” it’s a tradeoff at best. A “Diehl for Governor” coffee mug might make a good souvenir to bring to the concentration camp.

Now, what is it that virtually all Massachusetts voters HATED? They hated the lockdowns. They hated losing their jobs and seeing their business damaged or even destroyed. They hated standing outside grocery stores, in the freezing cold, six feet apart, to buy food. I can remember standing outside Target for one hour, while the customers boiled over with rage. It didn’t matter if they were Republican, Democrat or Independent. And they haven’t forgotten!

So how can Diehl and Allen take tens of thousands of votes away from Healey? Very simple. Just add three words to the current slogan:


I have not found any state regulation regarding bumper stickers or yard signs that would prevent this from being printed. And it’s a message which, if seen on bumper stickers moving throughout the state, would resonate with voters. It would hit the emotional buttons. No one wants to be locked down again. And Healey is defenseless against it; it’s perhaps her most vulnerable point, because as attorney general, she was a major lockdown enforcer.

I am not a rich man, but I did offer the Diehl campaign $2,000 if they would print bumper stickers to that effect. I have not heard back to date. Maybe it’s too late, maybe “everything’s already printed,” maybe they need more money, or maybe they just disagree. To be very sure, that’s their privilege.

By the way, when you go to the Diehl-Allen website homepage, it’s not much more creative. The opening slogan is “A Better Massachusetts Every Day.” Maura Healey might be having a chuckle over that: “Lots of laughs! I’m for a better Massachusetts too!” Now to be very fair, if you explore the Diehl-Allen website, it does lay out many excellent policies. But will everyone take time to read them? I would slam people with “NO MORE LOCKDOWNS!” right on the home page.

Diehl and Allen are doing a great job of traveling the state and talking up their message. But the liberal corporate media is not helping them. Massachusetts is heavily Democratic. Winning here will not be easy. They need to BRAND themselves as the “no-lockdown” candidates. And I‘m talking about honest branding.

If you have friends in Massachusetts, let them know: vote for Diehl and Allen. It could mean the difference between 4 years of lockdown misery versus 4 years of relative freedom. I say “relative freedom” because we still have the Biden administration to contend with.

Say, here’s some “breaking news” that just came in from the Diehl-Allen website:


One last campaign suggestion: Tucker Carlson, probably the foremost conservative on mainstream media, LOVES people like Diehl and Allen. He would chomp at the bit at a chance to turn uber-liberal Massachusetts from blue to red. Sure, his audience is national, but he has many Massachusetts viewers, other viewers with friends in Massachusetts, and would probably bring in a ton of donations from out of state—because a win in Massachusetts would mark a major turning point for America. I pray this suggestion—an interview of Diehl and Allen—might reach Tucker’s attention.

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