These memes run more or less in the order I created them starting in 2020.

As somebody recently said, memes should be called “spoiler alerts.” I posted my first Bill Gates COVID meme on Twitter on January 24, 2020. This was it:


See? I knew it. They’re all in this together.

BREAKING. Saying that “masks are not enough,” Dr. Anthony Fauci is urging that citizens put airtight plastic bags on their heads. “It’s science,” said Fauci. “If you can’t breathe, you can’t spread the virus.” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding mass production of the bags.


Bill and Melinda Gates, who are worth over $100 billion, and recently bought themselves a beachfront home for $43 million, have a message for Americans: “We’re all in this together.”



Dr. Fauci explaining why COVID rates are so much higher in lockdown states than in states with no lockdowns.

Declaring that the Scientific Method is a “conspiracy theory,” Birx and Fauci now using Ouija Board to determine COVID policy.

Bill Gates recently became the largest private owner of farmland in America.

Inspired by a remark by Spiro Skouras:

Fauci discovering that the prisoners have escaped his COVID propaganda matrix.

Just in case you were wondering where those new variants were coming from

BREAKING: Fauci and Birx recommend nuking U.S. cities to slow spread of COVID.

Fauci and Birx: The early years

Bill and Melinda Gates when they hear the phrase “safe and effective”

“Herd immunity results from vaccines. Herd immunity has ALWAYS resulted from vaccines!”

Bonus COVID Memes

For a much more serious look at COVID, through graphics and very short videos, see my previous post “COVID Visuals.”

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