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(originally published in February 2016 and occasionally updated with new material)

It has been my personal belief for some time that the oligarchy that runs America has opted for Hillary Clinton as the next U.S. President. One clue to this was, after her stint as Secretary of State (which gave her an important “foreign policy expertise” credential), CBS began running the series Madam Secretary, which was clearly designed to portray her in a flattering light on a weekly basis. Another hint was Hillary’s previous term as U.S. Senator representing New York (giving her an important “can work with Congress” credential). Prior to that, Hillary had never been a New York resident, but that state has long been used as a launching pad for Presidential candidates.

Though they have some “acceptable” qualities, Sanders is too anti-banker to suit the Rothschilds, and Trump is too pro-2nd Amendment and anti-immigration. Shillary—er, I mean Hillary—is the only viable candidate who fits the Establishment agenda 100 percent: pro-gun control, pro-Israel, pro-“War on Terror,” pro-Federal Reserve, pro-GMO, pro-mass immigration, pro-population control, pro-Internet censorship, and according to some analyses she’s receiving more contributions from Wall Street than any other candidate. She’s ruthless and amoral. She will give the Rothschild banksters everything they want. The email and other scandals will likely be suppressed (just as all of Bill’s were), Sanders will be eliminated through dirty tricks (the coin flips are just a taste) and the Republicans will be deliberately splintered. And remember, if all else fails, there’s Diebold.

Hillary wins
Picture credit: David Dees
Queen Hillary
Meme credit: Mike Rivero

I believe the best way to avert Hillary’s prearranged Presidency would be a groundswell of public opinion opposing her, so massive and obvious that not even the controlled mainstream media would dare try and sell the idea that Hillary captured the nomination, let alone the election. In that case, the Rothschild oligarchy would have to discard her and go to a “plan B,” giving us a President who would hopefully at least be less detrimental.

One of the most appealing ways to convey ideas is through humor. So rather than compose a blog post summarizing Hillary’s misdeeds and unsavoriness, let’s let the comedians carry the message.

To begin at the beginning, this picture has been labeled “Separated at Birth”:Separated at Birth

But her husband’s Presidency is perhaps the best place to start reviewing Hillary’s political saga.

Scandal sheet

Now, of course, she’s trying to minimize that:

Trailer-trash sluts
Credit: Mike Rivero

Hillary’s stint as Secretary of State could not escape this Onion News satire:

In a sendup from Steven Crowder, Hillary’s campaign manager reveals her overall strategy:

Of course, one of Hillary’s most provocative claims was that of being “dead broke” after leaving the White House. Even the very liberal CNN acknowledges that the Clintons have made $153 million in speaker fees since 2001.

Dead broke

Will Lie about Benghazi

Morally bankrupt

Just the same, Hillary tries to relate to common folks, as Jenna Marbles shows us:

Of course, Hillary has plenty of scandals to brush aside. . .

Hillary Groundhog Clinton

. . . such as the mysterious death of Vince Foster . . .


. . . and Benghazi . . .

Witch hunt

. . . and the emails . . .

Textual relations

. . . and her ties to Wall Street. . .

Black Ties

. . . especially her unholy association with Goldman Sachs. . .

Hillary Goldman Sachs meme

. . . and all that Clinton Foundation cash.

Hillary cash

In fact, Hillary is so corrupt that even Satan has abandoned her team and turned whistleblower—he just can’t tolerate this much evil.

Hillary Satan
Meme by Greg Burton.

But the most damaging issue may be her personality itself:

New Hillary

She makes Nurse Ratched look like Florence Nightingale, and is guaranteed to turn America into a “Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Hillary Nurse Ratched

Hillary has tried to iron out her personality kinks by doing plenty of campaign ad rehearsals, as Joanna of Above Average demonstrates:

However, she just can’t rid of the infamous “Hillary cackle,” as TruthStream Media reminds us:

Some claim Hillary is suffering brain damage, but that simply isn’t so:

The real problem isn’t her mental state. . .

How does he keep up

Two faces of Hillary

Professional Courtesy

Sometimes Hillary is her own best meme artist:

Hillary own memes

Of course, I realize that Hillary’s supporters are ticked off about all the memes and videos that have been coming out, so let’s let them tell their side of the story:


Yes, with all this support, Hillary is moving ever closer to the White House. Her husband stands firmly behind her; Bill is often heard voicing the Hillary slogan:

I'm with her

And in case you missed the moving video about Hillary at the Democratic National Convention, Reason TV has produced a “fixed” version:

And even though we know her popularity is exaggerated . . .

Hillary rally

. . . and though we now know the nomination was stolen from Sanders . . .

Hillary Debbie Bernie

. . . Bernie, of course, has endorsed her . . .

Sanders look

. . . and FBI Director Comey has let her off the hook:

Comey meme

Comey declared that Hillary was not criminally negligent with her emails, just “extremely careless.” And you know, maybe he’s right.

Hillary password

Hillary emails

So, despite everything, Hillary may win.

Is that my granddaughter

Here’s a futuristic response from Hillary herself:

Hillary Meme

Now admittedly, Hillary’s campaign has produced a few benefits for the homeless:

Hillary homeless man

But seriously, can you imagine this woman taking the oath of office?

Hillary Oath 2

Hillary What She'll Do

Hillary Out of Emails

So before you vote, remember:

Life's a Bitch

And while many of us wish she would just retire . . .

Hillary retires

That’s obviously wishful thinking, so let’s hope that justice will yet be served. After all, we can dream, can’t we?

Hillary for prison
Caption: “It’s a lovely day for a walk.”
Lovely Day for a Walk
Credit unknown

Campaign ends

BONUS VIDEO. Michael Armstrong brings you Hillary lying for 13 minutes straight:


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