Christianity and the Truth Movement: How Much Do They Coincide?

Note: By the “Truth Movement,” I refer to those proactive people who do not reflexively accept what is reported by mainstream media, more than 90 percent of which is owned today by just six corporations. “Truthers” seek to “live outside the Matrix” and logically determine the realities that so often hide behind headlines. To achieve this, they have established their own presence as “alternative media,” using platforms such as blogs, independent radio, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, etc. The Truth Movement has long existed (I myself began writing for alt media in 1985), but it experienced explosive growth after the government’s official explanation for 9/11 (as well as for the Middle East wars which followed) began to unravel. Truthers don’t always agree with each other, and make mistakes, but most of their errors are honest ones—which are bound to occur in the course of investigations—rather than deliberate lies prompted by corporate salaries or political agendas. Although the Truth Movement has been infiltrated by intelligence services, and the word “Truther” carries negative connotations for some, I am using it here in its most ideal sense: a person seeking only the truth.

Sometimes I’m asked questions along these lines:

“I noticed you were on X’s podcast. How come X isn’t a Christian and, for that matter, doesn’t even express any kind of spirituality? How can X see all the evils of the New World Order and not get depressed, when X doesn’t even seem to have the hope that comes from a relationship with God?”

I know many Truthers, and while I would say that a majority are Christians (of various denominations), there are also some Muslims, some agnostics, some New Agers, and within the mix a few people who are outright hostile to Christianity.

When I was hippie (about 1970), there was a general awareness among hippies and socialists that a wealthy elite pretty much ran America. We called it “the Establishment” or “the Man,” but we were far behind on the learning curve. We had never heard of the Council on Foreign Relations or Bilderbergers, knew nothing of how the Federal Reserve operated, the role that Zionism played—or, for that matter, that the CIA was behind LSD and our own counter-culture movement.

Hippie Days
Me in those days

In our narrow understanding, only one thing motivated the Establishment: lust for money. We viewed geopolitics through the materialist Marxist lens: wealthy capitalists were exploiting the poor and working classes in order to increase their own riches. There is, of course, a substantial measure of truth to this. The New World Order’s oligarchs offer the perks of fiat-generated wealth as incentives for the human cogs who run their system, and today we correctly speak of the “one percent” and ever-widening gap between rich and poor.

But it never dawned on us hippies that ultimately there was a Luciferian component. And why would it? Most of us were God-rejecting agnostics. (Who ever heard of a God-fearing hippie or Marxist?) After all, wasn’t religion “the opiate of the masses”? If there was no God, there was obviously no Lucifer either. Fancying ourselves scientific, we had tossed God and Lucifer into the “myth” corral where Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy reside.

However, with the Internet’s acceleration of information, it has become progressively clearer that the “New World Order” (NWO) is not simply materialistic; it is Luciferian. We can see it in the ceremonies at Bohemian Grove in Northern California, where America’s elite have long gathered annually. The rituals there include dressing en masse in gothic, hooded robes and sacrificing a human being in effigy (or is it for real?) before a forty-foot tall concrete owl representing the Canaanite god Moloch. Alex Jones broke through the Grove’s tight security to videotape the bizarre nighttime ceremony. Bohemian Grove participants have included the Bushes, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger, top Bechtel executives, and many other “notables.”

For those with time to watch it (40 minutes), this landmark interview with Dutch whistleblower Ronald Bernard, a former currency manipulator, mentions the lethal satanic rituals the global elite engage in (it is best watched in full-screen mode to read the subtitles; some may prefer a version with an English voice-over:

The Satanism of the global oligarchs has long been confirmed by researchers who have studied them, including intelligence officials such as William Guy Carr (Canadian Intelligence Service) and Ted Gunderson (FBI). Lucifer is the god of secret societies, from the elitist Skull and Bones, whose initiates lie naked in a coffin (an invitation to demonic forces) to the upper, illuminated echelons of Freemasonry (I stress “upper” because most low-level Masons are unaware of it). Once, during a routine business conversation, I encountered a ranking Freemason who boasted to me that he had carved images of Satan into the eyes of a statue of the Virgin Mary, in a Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. “Now those f___ing Catholics,” he said, “when they bow before Mary, they’ll be bowing before Satan.”

Today, Satanism is on parade, as evidenced, for example, by Madonna dressing as Baphomet for a Super Bowl halftime show, the controversial unveiling of the Baphomet statue in Detroit, and Lucifer even having his own show on Fox, where he’s been repackaged as a “good guy” helping the LAPD. In his new book Hell’s Mirror, Texe Marrs makes a compelling case that satanic architecture has been constructed around the globe in preparation for the Antichrist’s rule foretold in the Bible.

So even if a particular Truther believes in a purely material universe, it cannot be denied that The Powers That Be, at the higher levels, do not. They aren’t atheists. Atheist ideology is useful for persuading people that God is a myth (and that therefore the Ten Commandments may be freely disobeyed), but that’s all. Satan does not desire a culture that is ultimately atheistic, because he wants to be worshiped, not unlike Orwell’s “Big Brother.”

To a great extent, the New World Order’s Luciferian character validates Christianity. Christ is, in Biblical doctrine, Satan’s nemesis. And the NWO’s oligarchs obviously agree, because it is Christians whom they have preponderantly persecuted. The millions of Christians massacred by the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union was probably the worst genocide in history. Nagasaki was selected for destruction with the A-bomb because it was Japan’s center of Christianity. In 1945, hundreds of thousands of Christians in Dresden were turned to ashes on Ash Wednesday.

In America, of course, persecution has been far more restrained, but it is still primarily targeting Christianity, from the elimination of school prayer and Christmas nativity displays, to the replacement of Christmas trees with “holiday trees,” to Christian bakers who are fined and even threatened with jail for refusing to bake gay wedding cakes, to Hollywood openly mocking Christians.

Without question, other religions have faced persecution worldwide, but none so pointedly as Christianity.

In a significant parallel, Truth advocates—people who expose 9/11 and other schemes and agendas of the Zionist Powers That Be—are persecuted. Government whistleblowers such as Susan Lindauer and Scott Bennett have been jailed. Those who simply question aspects of the official Holocaust narrative, from British historian David Irving to 88-year-old Ursula Haverbeck, have been imprisoned. Increasingly, Truthers have had their Facebook accounts removed, and their YouTube channels demonetized or suspended. Last year, Amazon Kindle temporarily suspended my book Truth Is a Lonely Warrior on ludicrous pretexts.

Since the global elite are anti-Christian Luciferians, one would hope that Truthers and Christians would recognize each other as natural allies; that more Truthers would embrace Christianity, and more Christians would join the Truth Movement. After all, isn’t “the enemy of my enemy my friend?”

Jesus said “I tell you the truth” 78 times in the New Testament. On the other hand, He called Lucifer—the Deep State’s driving force—“the father of lies.” (John 8:44) I believe that Truthers are, to whatever degree they stand for truth, serving God. I once ran into a Christian couple I hadn’t seen in ten years. They said their daughter had given up on church. She was, however, pursuing a career in organic foods. I told them that God undoubtedly approves organic foods—He brought about the great Flood, at least in part, because His creation was being tampered with—and that their daughter was therefore doing something pleasing to God (even though it didn’t equate to salvation). They later reported she was happy to hear this.

Christianity and the Truth Movement should be closely allied. So why aren’t they? I think that, on both sides of the breach, the answer is multi-dimensional.

Truthers may reject Christianity for any number of reasons. They may have embraced, or been raised in, a different faith tradition. They may be stuck in the Darwinist “life was created by chance” paradigm taught in schools, in which case the interview I did (the most-watched discussion video in SGT Report history) may be helpful. I have even met Truthers caught up in the ancient New-Age deception (it dates to the Garden of Eden) that Lucifer is really “the good guy” and God’s the villain; but anyone who studies the Luciferians of the New World Order—their wars, financial manipulations, population control mania, etc.—should be able to recognize that “by their fruits you shall know them.” Good guys they are not.

However, I think the main reason many Truthers sidestep Christianity relates to how the faith is manifested in the West as a result of systematic degradation. Over the centuries, Christianity has spun off into literally hundreds of different denominations, creating no end of confusion as to “Who’s got it right?” This was one of several factors in my recently joining Eastern Orthodoxy. The corruption of the Vatican through infiltration, the modernism foisted on mainstream Protestant denominations, and the Christian Zionism that has seized many of the fundamentalist churches, all repel the seeker.

Years ago, I tried bringing a couple of “Truther” friends to a fundamentalist church I was then attending. However, the situation was hopeless, inasmuch as the sermons featured “in the Matrix” concepts:

  • pushing Christian Zionism (idolizing the Rothschild proxy state of modern Israel);
  • unquestioningly accepting the government’s explanation of 9/11;
  • touting all U.S. wars as just and fought to “defend our freedoms”;
  • repeating the “Why don’t the Muslims love us?” mantra. (I oppose the unrestrained influx of migrants that is destroying Europe and threatening America. However, killing hundreds of thousands of people, displacing millions, turning the Middle East into chaos, inducing birth defects with depleted uranium weapons, torturing prisoners, etc.; none of these induce affection.)

This church suffered from what I call “Bartonized faith” (after Christian Zionist David Barton). The Cross is melded with the American flag, “Amazing Grace” with “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and God with Uncle Sam.

Let me be extremely clear here that I believe patriotism is truly a virtue, and that every nation is sovereign and possesses a right to self-defense. However, in the churches I am referring to, Christianity is conflated and confused with a very misguided and misinformed brand of patriotism that blindly supports wars of aggression, reminiscent of the pastors from a century ago whom Smedley Butler described:

From a “Truther’s” viewpoint: if a preacher doesn’t discern the truth about the world around him (and in fact parrots Luciferian propaganda) why would one trust this preacher to light a path toward Eternal Life?

There are, of course, politically savvy pastors and theologians in the West—Texe Marrs, Matt Furse, Chuck Baldwin, Bishop Richard Williamson (Catholic) and Brother Nathanael (Orthodox) are notable examples. However, most clergymen (and this does not exclude Orthodoxy) primarily draw their comprehension of world events from mainstream media’s “Matrix,” and thus are not up-to-speed on issues that alternative media closely follow. They might pray for victims of false-flag shootings, geo-engineered weather disasters, vaccine-induced autoimmune illnesses, etc., but are not equipped to help their congregations understand, oppose, or avoid these phenomena.

In short, Christianity largely loses appeal when its ministers are caught up in the world’s lies.

What solutions have we? One is to reach clergy so they can at least deliver sermons that square with geopolitical realities. I think this requires informed parishioners sitting down with their priest or pastor, one-on-one, to call attention to these matters. But the situation is highly individual. Some clergy may listen; others might react like other blue-pilled residents of the Matrix: roll their eyes and scoff. This may especially hold true for those ordained by “Christian Zionist” seminaries, since their understanding of Scripture was interwoven with Zionist indoctrination.

Of course, anticipating political sermons from pastors may be unrealistic. Most churches operate as 501(c)(3) organizations, which causes some clergy to fear losing their church’s tax-exempt status if they speak too politically. Also, a political sermon is admittedly tricky business, inasmuch as everyone listening in the congregation is on various learning curves regarding political and historical truths, and one is bound to trigger misunderstandings and cognitive dissonance.

Insofar as I am concerned, it’s OK for pastors not to stray into geopolitics. Attending to parishioners’ spiritual well-being is a full-time job by itself. But if they do address politics, it is essential to know and speak the truth.

Actually, politics is hard to divorce from spirituality, because politics is a human arena of spiritual warfare. It constantly impinges itself on the lives of a congregation—be it through contrived wars, economic stress from the Fed’s debauching the dollar, diseases induced to advance population control, in-school political correctness that now even challenges the reality of gender, and much more. To preach in complete isolation from these matters is to place one’s head in the sands of irrelevance.

Centuries ago, this clerical challenge was easier. After Constantine legalized Christianity in the Fourth Century, the duality of “church and state” developed. Kings, emperors and czars, East and West, however imperfectly, became defenders of the faith. The clergy had a clearly defined role—attending to souls—while the state protected bodies. Clergymen did not have to busy themselves much with politics, which was left in the hands of the Christian monarch and his administration.

But the Rothschild-centered cabal rallied its Judeo-Masonic underlings to wage violent revolutions. They overthrew all monarchies they could not compromise and control, replacing them with communist dictatorships or “democracies.” The Rothschilds knew they had little if any hope of marrying into hereditary monarchies—but a democracy is easy to control; when you own the newspapers and other media, your candidate is all but assured 51 percent of the vote.

Today, the Constantines (defenders of the faith) are long gone. The Church is protected only by constitutions, which the Deep State are eroding as fast as possible. Therefore I think it behooves clergy to fill some of this void by becoming politically savvy—as Jesus said, be as “wise as serpents.” (Matthew 10:16)

But it may be incumbent on those of us in the Truth Movement to become the new Constantines. Though we don’t bear swords of steel, we bear swords of truth, as we battle the New World Order, for whom destruction of true Christianity—and our very souls—is the paramount end-game.

And for those Truthers who don’t recognize it yet, hasn’t the time come to perceive that the universe’s complexity wears God’s signature, that our antagonists are Lucifer and his followers, and that we are in the middle of a spiritual war—one that is played out not only in geopolitics, but in the personal inner struggles of our own daily lives? Over the past two thousand years, Lucifer has done everything he can to disfigure and misrepresent Christianity (see, e.g., my posts here and here). I believe we need to critically analyze and debunk those lies (in the same way we’ve investigated 9/11 and other historical lies), and see God for who He is: our creator, savior, our guidepost for living, and—after bodily death takes us—our ultimate hope.

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James Perloff

James has been writing for alternative media since 1985 when he began contributing to The New American magazine. He is the author of six books, the subjects of which range from COVID-19 to political history to creationism.

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