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From the Arab Platoon to Hamas—Israel’s “Abu Nidal” Strategy

Acts of terror have been carried out by people of many nationalities and ideologies. But contrary to the mainstream media’s spin, since World War II Israel has probably been the world’s number-one sponsor of terrorism, implemented “by way of deception”—words from the motto of Mossad, Israel’s intelligence service. These acts

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Announcing James Perloff’s Newest Book

Most of my writing until now has been confined to geopolitics and, for a short period of time, Darwinism’s many flaws. My newest book, Missing Saints, Missing Miracles, contains a little of both, but is primarily a spiritual book, the first I’ve written. So why the shift from geopolitics to

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How Many Misrepresentations Can Fit into One Sentence?

Two days ago, a Tweet directed my attention to an online article called “The 9/11 Problem” by Adam Fitzgerald, dated July 6. It’s a sweeping assault on the 9/11 Truth community, bashing everyone from David Ray Griffin to Christopher Bollyn to Pilots for 9/11 Truth.

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