Category: History

9/11 Simplified

In this post, I address three major components of the 9/11 controversy: (1) what brought down the Twin Towers; (2) what initially struck the Towers; and (3) what happened to the original planes and passengers.

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Book Review: David J. Dionisi, Atomic Bomb Secrets

Dionisi’s book is packed with information. You’ll learn why Pyongyang became capital of communist North Korea, why spying allegations were leveled against Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, and about the American POWs who died at Nagasaki. And be sure to read his end-notes which are loaded with collateral information, constituting a “book within a book.”

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The War on Christianity, Part I

Karl Marx denounced religion as the “the opiate of the people,” and communist states tried extensively to abolish it. However, the Illuminist oligarchs who run most of our world deemed it more practical to infiltrate and control religion than try and destroy it outright.

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