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Guest on Power of Prophecy. Topic: Population Reduction.

I am Jerry Barrett’s latest guest on Power of Prophecy. We discussed the Deep State oligarchy’s agenda of population reduction, and the many means by which this has been implemented, some of which may be surprising. Archived at

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Two of My Best-Received Songs

In 2002, during my brief fling with music, I composed 12 songs for my “politically incorrect” album Freedom Shall Return, produced at Jaime Bernard’s Stompmachine Studio in Salem, Mass., using seven different lead vocalists.

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TIALW’s “Unwritten Appendix”

Another show I’d like to bring attention to is my June 3, 2017 interview with Tim Kelly on Our Interesting Times. We had a marathon (2 and ½ hour) discussion of one of the most misrepresented events in history, the Second World War.

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