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Guest on the Graham Hart Show. Topics: CFR, the Hindenburg and More.

I was Brizer’s live guest on the Graham Hart Show. Blizer is very red-pilled and hosts the show from Ireland. Topics included CFR, my books, the Hindenberg disaster, Zionism/Israel, Ireland, immigration, Coronavirus, more. Archive link: (Hit “download” and “open.”)

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Guest on TradCatKnight. Topic: 9/11.

I was Eric Gajewiski’s video guest today on his show, TradCatKnight. We discussed 9/11 and my forthcoming book on it. Discussion today centered on: 9/11 predictive programming; Israel’s long history of “marketing” Arab terrorism; and the actual demolition moments of the Twin Towers as thermonuclear events. Archived for Eric’s subscribers.

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Guest on Call to Decision. Topic: 13 Pieces of the Jigsaw

I was Pastor Butch Paugh’s live guest on his Call to Decision radio program. We discussed what’s going on in the world and my new book Thirteen Pieces of the Jigsaw. I came in about 11 minutes into the show due to some connection problems. The show is archived for now.

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