Announcing My Newest Book

Why publish a paperback? For weeks, as the COVID situation developed, I continued to update my blog post, placing the amendments in italics with dates. However, this soon became unwieldy and a point was reached where a book was clearly needed.

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COVID-19 Red-Pilled

The COVID-19 crisis broken down into four major sections: (1) The Lockdown’s Human Impact, (2) The Methodology of Panic, (3) Theories about the Nature of COVID-19, (4) The Deep State’s End-Game.

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How Many Misrepresentations Can Fit into One Sentence?

Two days ago, a Tweet directed my attention to an online article called “The 9/11 Problem” by Adam Fitzgerald, dated July 6. It’s a sweeping assault on the 9/11 Truth community, bashing everyone from David Ray Griffin to Christopher Bollyn to Pilots for 9/11 Truth.

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