Vaccination Visuals

My book Truth Is a Lonely Warrior has an extensive chapter on vaccines. No pictures in that chapter, though. So for this blog post, I’m going visual-intensive, because we’re in a visual age.

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Chicks Be Like . . . (a post for guys only)

A guys’-only view of the “battle of the sexes,” one of the few battles that crosses political, cultural and ethnic lines. In fact, I think it’s healthy to reaffirm that battle in this insane age of transgenderism and transhumanism.

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Book Review: David J. Dionisi, Atomic Bomb Secrets

Dionisi’s book is packed with information. You’ll learn why Pyongyang became capital of communist North Korea, why spying allegations were leveled against Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, and about the American POWs who died at Nagasaki. And be sure to read his end-notes which are loaded with collateral information, constituting a “book within a book.”

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