My PowerPoint Talk on COVID

Better Late than Never

On April 23, 2021 I gave a one-hour PowerPoint presentation on COVID-19, the subject of my latest book, at a luncheon hosted by Camp Constitution.  The presentation was videotaped by an individual, who sent us a video file of the first half of the talk, and an audio file of the whole presentation. We requested the video of the second half several times, but never received it, and finally had to give up.

However, my friend Mark Affleck has combined the audio and video into one file, and added my Powerpoint slides. So when you play the video below, you will see me through the first half, and in the second half you won’t see me, but you’ll hear my voice and see the slides. You can also watch the video on Bitchute at this link.

I apologize for this disjointed approach, but it seemed like the best solution given the situation.

Picture of James Perloff

James Perloff

James has been writing for alternative media since 1985 when he began contributing to The New American magazine. He is the author of six books, the subjects of which range from COVID-19 to political history to creationism.

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