After Years of Censorship, Free Mind Films Documentaries, Including My Film Shadowring, Can Now Be Viewed Online

In 2015 I wrote the script for Free Mind Films’ Shadowring, a basic summary of the history of the New World Order. The film was narrated by Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo, and included interviews with Ben Swann, G. Edward Griffin, Chuck Baldwin, Gerald Celente, the late Joyce Riley, and many other figures from alternative media.

I should probably mention that a few changes were made to the script that I wasn’t involved with.

Shadowring, along with Free Mind Films’s other two documentaries, A Noble Lie (probably the best documentary ever made about the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing) and State of Mind, were all banned by Amazon. However, Free Mind Films has now acquired a new distributor, and all three films can be watched on Tubi (for free) as well as on Roku and Vudu. Please see Free Mind Films’ home page for details and clickable links.


Picture of James Perloff

James Perloff

James has been writing for alternative media since 1985 when he began contributing to The New American magazine. He is the author of six books, the subjects of which range from COVID-19 to political history to creationism.

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