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Guest on How to Kill a Sacred Cow. Topic: COVID Book.

I was Jay Henehan’s guest on the How to Kill a Sacred Cow podcast. We had a good conversation, discussing many aspects of the COVID-19 crisis. This is the second interview I’ve had this month with a podcaster who’s a fellow Massachusetts resident; it’s nice to see a few awake folks in

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Guest on SGT Report. Topic: COVID.

I was Sean’s latest guest on SGT Report to discuss the COVID-19 crisis. We addressed the lockdown, the methodology of panic, theories about the disease itself, and the Deep State’s end-game. On May 12, YouTube deleted the video, but it is still posted at Bitchute.

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Guest on Ark Midnight. Topics: 9/11 and More.

I was John B. Wells’s guest on Ark Midnight. Discussion centered around topics in my books, including the new one I am working on about 9/11, although we didn’t get as deeply into 9/11 as I would have liked due to frequent commercials. Archived. I came in halfway through Hour 1, continuing into

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