9/11 Disclaimer

I am adding a link to this disclaimer to the top all of my major 9/11 posts. Anyone who follows the articles I have written on 9/11 will see my views gradually evolving. Most of these posts included some remarks that, over time, I have since determined were incorrect. 9/11 is a crime that, like the Kennedy assassination, is the subject of numerous competing theories that constitute a labyrinth of rabbit holes.

I do not regret that I have sometimes erred in pursuing the truth about 9/11. By making mistakes and recognizing them, one has the opportunity to then move in a more accurate direction—much as Edison did when developing the light bulb. Nor do I regret making these errors publicly on my blog because, as a result, I have been contacted by individuals, many with professional expertise, who were able to point things out.

• In Unraveling the Mysteries of Flight 11, I wrote “according to the FBI transcript of [flight attendant Betty] Ong’s call, she said a hijacker ‘stood upstairs.’” It is true that in the FBI files on Flight 11 (page 3) it says “He stood upstairs,” but this was an error by the person making an early transcript of Ong’s call. The FBI had the same tape of Ong’s call that we can hear on YouTube, and it is clear upon listening to Ong that the transcriber erred on this and in several other places.

• In 9/11 Simplified, I suggested that the original hijacked airliners might have been sunk after rendezvousing with a ship far out in the Atlantic Ocean. However, pilots have pointed out to me that there is too much risk of planes breaking up into many pieces when they land in water, and there is no way that pilots can practice-land airliners at sea.

• In Conversations with an Airline Pilot about 9/11, Pilot A and I explored the possibility that what struck the Twin Towers was an illusion—such as missiles cloaked with holographic technology. I had also discussed this in other posts. However, neither Pilot A nor I believe this to be possible anymore, based on the plane-shaped entry holes that caused steel bars to bend inward, consultation with a holographic expert, and consultation with a physicist in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

I do not intend to erase the mistakes from past posts, as I think it is more honest to leave my record of 9/11 exploration intact, warts and all, the good with the bad. As a solution to this dichotomy of truth and error, I have a book in the works on 9/11, but it is coming along very slowly, as I want to make sure that when I finally do publish it, I’ve got it right. Privately, I continue to hammer out the details of 9/11 through conversations with individuals having varied expertise relevant to the crime.

Thank you.

James Perloff
June 13, 2019